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Internet-and-Business-Online impact on the niche marketer. You won’t have to worry about the big conglomerates trying to squeeze you out because the customer base won’t be big enough for them to even care about. They want to attract large crowds and make huge sales off one giant website. Try to set up a website selling .puters. Could you ever .pete with Dell and Gateway? No! They have an advertising budget that is bigger than your annual in.e. There is no way to touch that market. How about a website selling craft items. Do you think you could .pete in that field? Probably. There aren’t any big corporations fighting for your customers. Would you be able to make a lot of money selling craft items? Some money but no where near as much as if you sold .puters. The difference is you would actually be able to attract customers to a craft site. and since there isn’t a lot of .petition in this field, you will be able to keep your customers for years to .e. How much could you expect to make from this type of site? Some where around $50 – $100 a month. Nice but not great. The trick with niche marketing is to set up one niche site after another. Build a small but loyal customer base for each site. If you were to make $100 off one site. Think about the potential of having 10 sites. Ten little websites each bringing in around $100 each month. Not bad. Now build another site and another one and another one… Fifty little websites each bringing in around $100 each month. Hmm… This is looking pretty good. Is niche marketing really needed in a world full of websites .peting for in.e? Those who know how the system works will answer "YES INDEED", because niche marketing is the only system capable of filling up a gaping hole in the market by catering to the unsatisfied needs of a smaller group of customers. Needs that virtually go unnoticed by the big leagues. Through niche marketing, you will be able to gain a foothold in the market by being a needle in a haystack. Small and inconspicuous websites that attract small groups of people that need exactly what you have to offer. There are an endless supply of tiny markets out there that the big .panies with their big budgets are never even going to consider. This is where you want to set your goals. Little by little you could build a gigantic internet empire and just sit back an watch the money roll in. But how are you going to find the time to research and build all these little websites? This is where you are in luck. 2006 seem to have be.e the year of niche websites. You can buy already made websites that you just upload to your server and start selling the products. There are many membership sites that you can join for $50 to $70 each month. For your membership price you will usually receive 3 new niche websites each month. Some of these sites have content and graphics only and you have to create the layout. Some of these offer plug and play websites that are set to use as is. You will also see many websites that are offering individual niche websites that you can buy one at a time. Buy what you want when you are ready for another site. These pre-built websites are selling on an average for $15. Money well spent considering you are saving yourself a month or more in the time it would take for you to build one of these sites. All of these types of ready to go sites that you can buy are sold in small quantities. You can find sites that will only sell 100 of any given niche. I have seen this limit go as high as 750. These limits are set so you will not have to worry about too much duplicate content out there. You wouldn’t want to buy a website that 10,000 other people are buying in the same month. Then your little niche would suddenly be a big .petition. 100 – 200 of any niche website is a good quantity. You can be pretty sure no one will run into two of the same websites when you consider the billions of websites out there. The people who build these ready to go niche market websites do all the work for you. You don’t have to find the small, unique markets. You don’t have to create the content. You usually don’t even have to find the products to sell. These niche site creators have done all the work for you. You just change a few codes here and there so you will be getting the credit for the affiliate sales and AdSense ads and you are in business. The greatest thing about niche marketing is you don’t need a separate domain name for each website. You can have one general domain name and add sub-domains for all your sites. You are never going to find a cheaper way to break into the internet in.e market. Start your niche empire today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: