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Private schools to dig a teacher to compensate the other 300 thousand transfer fee – the national people look at Wenzhou, which is the affirmation of private education in Wenzhou. Recently, Wenzhou private education and come up with new stuff: the city’s first batch of 46 private schools signed a self-discipline convention of private school teachers flow "(hereinafter referred to as" the Convention "), if the provisions of the contract period of recruitment of teachers, school fees 300 thousand yuan compensation for each loss name. Obviously, this Convention to a certain extent, put an end to the malicious behavior between private schools digging teachers, but also for private schools to false advertising and publicity to attract teachers to play a deterrent role. Even the best private schools can not escape the corner was frequently dug in Wenzhou since 2010 to undertake a comprehensive reform of the country’s private education task, a comprehensive system reconstruction". Currently, there are 1528 types of private schools at all levels in Wenzhou, students in Wenzhou, accounting for the proportion of students in the city reached. However, the most hated private schools, other schools are being dug corner. Pingyang county is located in the Zhejiang huge legendary turtle senior middle school, Wenzhou has been a first-class private high school, but still can not escape the fate of being dug corner. Two years ago, the school physics teacher a contract is a private high school in Ruian where another English teacher quit this year. "For the contract period of the teacher, the sudden shift to other schools, schools and students will have a bad effect." The person in charge of the school middle school Zhejiang huge legendary turtle said, because they can not find alternative temporary teachers, and become very passive. At last, the students." The official said, after a long time to adapt to a teacher in the student, suddenly changed the teacher, you need a certain amount of time to adapt, if the graduating class, the impact is even greater." Every digging a contract period for each school teachers need 300 thousand yuan according to the provisions of the "Convention", the Convention shall not be members of the unit recruitment contract period without resignation and leave the teachers, to boycott repeatedly or refuse to fulfill contracts, observe the credibility of the teachers. In addition, members of the unit to the Convention on the prohibition of paid inducements and other improper means, false promises, malicious hire other schools within the contract period of teachers. The Executive Council of Wenzhou Association of private education is responsible for the implementation of the Convention, the Convention members of the unit in violation of the Convention on self-discipline provisions, upon verification, agreed to accept the following penalties: the implementation of the Convention on the body for administrative licensing and registration department to cancel the annual Pingxianpingyou qualifications when all the unit included in the blacklist integrity. If the violation of "without the consent of both parties, a member of the Convention shall not recruit other schools in the period of the contract provisions prohibited teachers, members of the Convention on the unit recruitment from other schools in the teaching period of teachers", each recruit a teacher, compensate the other losses cost is 300 thousand yuan rmb. More than 5 years of recruitment for no reason not to perform the contract, do not keep the credibility of the teacher, one for each, to pay the penalty for breach of contract executive yuan of RMB 50 thousand yuan, the executive body of the Convention to pay $three. Lawyer: the Convention alleged monopoly, inconsistent with the laws and regulations, in fact, for such a convention, there are many schools that counter"相关的主题文章: