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In the heart of roses, talk about love and romance [Abstract] Hu Ge Valentine’s day shooting roses, bring you into the spring rose garden. At the age of 6 send rose asked first to send girls to spend what time, what flower? "Hu answered: the first flowers was beyond all expectations for 6 years, the grandfather of the Chinese rose to the next door sister (is secretly take? Grandpa estimate crying in the garden); and in yourself to a plant, he chose the cactus in the" Mint Mimosa cactus ", because it has the most vitality. Hu Ge three words to describe the ideal partner for Valentine’s day with a large number of valuable tracts shooting rose arrangement, Hu Ge in the flowers, are also natural warmth every twinkle and smile, playfully put flowers in her mouth. As a million fan, he felt that the naive people know the most romantic. When asked to describe an ideal mate with three words, his answer is "kind, lovely, and intellectual."". National male god expected to return to ordinary life, 2015 hard a year, Hu Ge said in his previous visit, 2016 will be based on interest, return to ordinary life. His marriage events have become a topic of concern for the whole nation, and fans are also looking for the focus of entanglement. On the scene, he answered the question directly and directly: "when will you marry?" – "when the brain is hot" – where will the ring hide? – "where she can see." this romantic national God is always our heart".

心中开出玫瑰,畅谈爱与浪漫 [摘要]胡歌情人节拍摄玫瑰大片带你进入春日玫瑰园。六岁送月季被问及“第一次送女孩花是什么时候,什么花?”胡歌的回答出人意料:第一次送花才6岁,把爷爷种的月季花送给了隔壁小妹妹(是偷偷拿的吗?爷爷估计哭倒在花园);而在将自己比做某种植物时,他在“薄荷含羞草仙人掌”选择了仙人掌,理由是它最具有生命力。胡歌三个词形容理想伴侣情人节大片拍摄用大量名贵玫瑰布置,胡歌在花丛中,一颦一笑均温暖自然,还调皮地把花咬在嘴里。作为万人迷,他觉得幼稚的人最懂得浪漫。被要求用三个词来形容理想伴侣时,他的答案是“善良、可爱、知性”。国民男神期望回归普通生活2015辛苦一整年,胡歌在之前的访问中曾表示,2016将以体息为主,回归普通生活。他的婚恋大事也成为全国人民关心的话题,也是粉丝们期待纠结的焦点。拍摄现场他对情感问题答得简单直接:—“什么时候会结婚?”—“头脑发热的时候”—“戒指会藏在什么地方?—“她能看见的地方”这个懂浪漫的国民男神会是我们心中永远那个‘他”。相关的主题文章: