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has been 73 year old father in a week, the brain tumor oppressed his blood vessels and nerves, he could not speak, fingers and legs to him, lying on the bed, he even urinate cannot solve itself, the dignity of the old broken head by illness.

The son put

at the age of 44 into the father’s back, gently hold on his body, and then to his father’s ass as the axis, his legs slowly moved to the edge of the bed, help him to wear good shoes, the son and the face of his father, her hands in his arms, lifted him, put him in the right the edge of the bed, father to stand, he quickly helped his father solution good pants. At this time, standing on the edge of the bed of his father was so weak that he could not let go of the child, he shook his hand with a trembling hand, this moment, the son felt how much his father needed his help. The son of a father holding, carrying a urinal, then suck up his lips and blew the whistle, "hush, hush, hush, hush" urine whistle soft sweet, like affectionate parents to a baby boo like urine. His father will whistle into a pee in the atmosphere, a minute later, the father of urine "rushing" ground, the son just like to hear a beautiful song. In his heart, urine father not prevent father’s mind is not hindered; father’s urine carefree, son was carefree.

night, son at his father’s bedside with a few stools to make a simple shop, son want to understand all kinds of needs of her ailing father, he constantly sees father look and movement, even a slight movement. While the father has his own feelings and dignity, several times, the father in the urine under the oppression of hard and slowly with his shoulders propped on his body, to his move to the edge of the bed.

In fact,

, as long as he gently shake his arm, shake his legs will touch his son, but he just did not want to disturb the day and night with him, at this time and his son asleep. However, no matter how hard he tried, have no way to proceed to the next step, so he can take a piss on the edge of the bed at the edge of the bed.

son know, the heart is full of pain and remorse, he repeatedly told around the patient, family members of patients, doctors and nurses: if anyone saw my father to move or hear him what happened, you must wake me. He also enlighten the father: "Dad, I know you I was distressed, but a bill you have not. You love me, don’t call me, piss on the bed, then I change my clothes for your sheets, until we know what all, before and after the time required is 45 minutes; and you wake me, let me for you to clean urine, only need 15 minutes to solve the problem, you see a bargain?"

every day and night, the son of father’s whistle to sing hush urine six or seven times,;