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Beijing women’s contract to buy after the case of housing prices developers: Post – Sohu news Ms. sun April in Fangshan District Doudian Yandu World Park settle on a house, but had not yet opened, in persuading the sales manager, Ms. sun paid 250 thousand yuan and sales manager signed the "funding confirmation", in the purchase contract size, price and payment agreement. But at the end of June, the sales department suddenly told Ms. sun, the original should be before December instalments immediately pay back the principal need Qi, also need to pay the price of 150 thousand yuan. Lawyers said that the developer is not a breach of contract is a breach of contract, the contract should be performed or to the consumer related compensation. People buy a house was broken Ms. Sun told the Beijing morning news reporter, in April, she and her husband to see a real estate in the mountainous area Doudian, is developed by Beijing Huijin Real Estate Development Company Limited, the world park. However, since then the real estate has not opened, in April 7th, she and a surname pan sales staff to discuss the initial set of two bedroom. "Then they discuss the sales manager and Fang Li, he agreed to pay back the principal of our stage before the end of December, then we have to pay 250 thousand yuan." Reporters from the sun to produce receipts and credit card documents, she has delivered 250 thousand yuan developers. "The intention to pay 50 thousand, then pay the 200 thousand sales, said is to pay a deposit, after we passed but let us sign a raise after told us the single, 200 thousand will be transferred to the limit." Reporters from Ms. sun to the "world garden from the confirmation of" see, Ms. sun and Li both parties signed the agreement in April 16th, which marked the purchase price of 13511.2 yuan per square meter, in addition to the housing price, housing, payment is made. "This remark and intent for the final intention of opening from before signing the contract confirmation. This from the confirmation, customers will retain the existing housing and the intention to buy the room number, the intent of late to sign a contract for the sale of real estate, be transferred to the total 1629." The right top Beijing Huijin Investment Group Co. Ltd. chapter. But at the end of June, Ms. sun has received a sales call, "the boss said they don’t agree with me at the end of December to make money, to pay 1629." After the two sides had two telephone communication, but did not reach agreement. At the end of August, Ms. sun to find the Sales Office Sales Manager Li Fang communication, but was told each other, or to return a house; you can buy, but not before at the price." Can you buy a house, but to fill the post the day before yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporter with Ms. sun came to the world park sales center, sales staff surnamed pan admitted talks have indeed agreed price and payment, "but later leaders do not agree with us there is no way." Subsequently, the reporter went to the sales offices and Ms. sun Doudian, learned from the sales staff at the foreign sales the sale price is 18600 yuan, compared to the original price of nearly 5000 yuan. Ms. sun to buy 93 square meters of housing, according to the current price, has risen by $about 400000. Sales Manager Li Fang attitude is very rude, Ms. Sun told only three options, "the good相关的主题文章: