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Alexander Kahn: Pride sister won the championship was Alexander Golf abandoned football Kang Beijing time on November 16th, if you want to vote in the 2016 season China PGA Tour the most interesting player, Alexander – Korean American contestant Kang will be on the list. In Chengdu, he created the history of the United States in the history of China’s tour of the lowest number of poles – -29. But after the interview, he said, I am sorry not broken -30 pole. In Hongkong, he leads the Clear Water Bay open final. Asked about the red strategy, he said: "in Chengdu I won second -6 bar, this station, I hope to win 7 or more bar." He has been moving towards this goal, but unfortunately, a week in Hongkong does not belong to him. In the playoff first extra hole, he lost to Australian Daniel Nisbet eagle. The 29 – year – old Asian player will always have only one goal in the China tour. In the interview, he is always an undisguised frankness: "I play golf game, the goal is to win, to win the prize. What does it mean if you don’t want to be a champion?" In order to champion, Alexander was in the Asian tour, with a Canadian tour and the Asian tour, but always not fatigued by a long journey. Until last year, he began to gradually shift the center, focusing on the China tour. "I used to take into account all the races, but I couldn’t help coming. So this year I will insist on playing only the Chinese American tour this one, the result is much better." This year, he won the first race in the United States tour of the United States – the Cadillac championship, and 554975 yuan revenue in the prize list of the top third. In addition, he is a lively and interesting people. His sister called Daniel – Kang, active in the LPGA arena, women’s world ranking 68. The following is an interview with Alexander – Kang readme: when I was a child to speak english. Later learn Korean, at home when we are in Korean and english. I don’t remember how difficult it was to learn Korean when I first started. I was born in San Francisco. At the age of 5 and then moved to South Korea, lived in Busan until the age of 10. I have no impression of life in San Francisco. When I was 12 years old, I lived in Brazil for a year. I was a football team incorporated, a youth club. I live in the dormitory, trying to improve my game, this is my life. I play back and right front. It’s really interesting, very interesting. But soon I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t have been the best. Golf is an individual sport, as long as I have time, I have talent, you can do something on the golf. Playing football makes me feel like I’m not good enough. To make money on football, you have to be pretty good. How long is your career? Ten years? So if I want to engage in sports for a living, golf is my retreat. I feel capable of becoming a professional golfer. After living in St Paul for a year, I can communicate in portuguese. But it’s not at all. I haven’t used it for years. I spent a year in Brazil,;相关的主题文章: