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Internet-Marketing I am starting to see more and more animated .mercials on T.V. and online. Ever wonder why there is more animated video production? Animated videos are great for explanation. The reason so many businesses are using animations in their videos is that they are better able to explain a topic. Since Internet surfers are in the market to buy a product or service, they are seeking useful information. With an animated video, a .pany can better express its idea or concept. The flexibility that a filmmaker has with an animated video is huge in .parison to using a video with just people. He/she is able to show images in a way that makes it easy for the viewer to understand. I personally like to use animations to explain certain concepts. Also, with technologies like adobe after effects, it is easier to make an animated video production than it was in the past. If you are not trained in making a video, I suggest that you either take classes to learn the software, or hire a professional. The point I am trying to make is that making animated videos is easier and less expensive than it was in the past. For this reason, we are seeing animated videos more frequently online and on T.V. You may be interested in making an animated video for your business but not sure of what subject. Many websites now have animated videos that highlight their benefits and features. These types of videos are also best when describing "how it works". By using animations, a business can better show exactly how a .plicated concept functions. This engages the customers and shows them the information in a user friendly manner. Whatever a business’s goal for using videos, I am sure that it will find using animations helpful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: