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"As long as I grow up" for Oscar to a happy and excited Lin Yiyunwen Sina entertainment news of the eighty-ninth Oscar for best foreign language film contest national registration time is about to end, directed by Chen Jieyao, the winner of this year’s Taipei Film Awards million first prize "as long as I grow up" in the selection, the actress Xun heard the news after, very excited, excited, called: "the heart had a little hope, hope can let the world see Aboriginal people, but not luxury, but now they expect from this one step closer, feel very honored and proud, for me it is on behalf of indigenous peoples, and is not a personal honor!" The film starring Ye Weiting, Xun and Aboriginal children, education and family problems of Aboriginal children in remote areas. Director Chen Jieyao said that the theme of honor, Aboriginal can be the world to see, is a little hope and dreams, he once again thanked the performances of Aboriginal children, like their acting talent, is living in the role of the actors, "no matter or film festival finalists are to maintain a sense of balance, to win it, or to see review the taste and standard, make the film finished let everyone see, feel very happy." The film won the Italy International Film Festival this year Giffoni children "Element +10 competition" special award, South Korea Fuchuan Fantastic Film Festival "Family Zone" unit of children’s jury prize at the Taipei Film Festival this year, also won the million first prize, the best feature film award, best director awards, released at the box office of about NT $7 million 500 thousand in March when, after the Taipei Film Awards good results, will be re released in late October and early November, is expected to attract more visitors. According to the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences published the Oscar Award for foreign language film entry requirements, the registration for film in 104 years in October 1st to 105 years in September 30th, the commercial theater premiere for 7 days or more, this year to enroll in the selection of films including "as long as I grew up," Dong Jian [micro-blog] starring "six lane cafe" [micro-blog], Simon Yam starred in "downstairs tenants" and Tiffany Hsu performed "out of control" lie, "as long as I grew up in the selection panel that" simplicity is full of humanistic care, to show Taiwan’s cultural diversity, vitality, role emotional and full performance, touching, resolution by participating by the representative piece. (Sina entertainment Taiwan station (Lin Yiyunwen) commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: