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The double front foot attack paralyzed! The experiment failed do you miss Wu Lei? [information] China home court 0-1 Syria Gu Chao gifts Tencent sports news October 7th attack errors in a 0 – 1 loss, let Chinese fans before the fantasy of "main road against Syria to take all 6 points" hope finally burst. After the failure of the field, China’s first three rounds of the game only got 1 points. Ranked ranked second in the group, qualifying situation has been very critical. In fact, from Gao Hongbo before the tactics and formations of view, he is really want to get the victory, unfortunately, he seems to still did not find this team and perfect collocation tactics. The national football squad, including Zhang Yuning, Gao Lin and Yang Xu these three domestic football’s most excellent centers. On the day of the release of the list have predicted Gao Hongbo is likely to be very good at once he resorted to double center tactics. Indeed, against Syria, Zhang Yuning and Gao Lin on one side and Wu Lei on the bench, plus Zhang Xizhe was righting enter the starting lineup, the Orangemen offensive attack combination take on an altogether new aspect. However, the actual test proves that the power of this combination is not as good as the first two sharp. The national football side is always difficult to effectively organize cross and positional warfare opportunities, Gao Lin and Zhang Yuning fulcrum is wasted almost exhausted, the game almost nothing on the Syria area form the real threats to shoot. The second half, Gao Hongbo early on to replace Zhang Yuning, Wu Lei was left back on the offensive, returned to the first two routines, also means that the complete failure test Gao Hongbo double center. In fact, the double center is not wrong, a few months ago, the country foot in the warm-up match Trinidad and Tobago, Gao Lin and Zhang Yuning rely on the joint attack, then the performance of the impressive so far. However, the fact that the two center to need to suppress opponents, the formation of offensive situation and get the best effect, but obviously, this game is not the as if fierce tigers in Syria, Trinidad and Tobago absent-minded. In this game almost no decent chances from this point of view, not only Gao Hongbo, national football team may despise Syria. Before the expected to rival the Orangemen siege scene does not appear, the Syrian people fierce closing down and strong body, let’s get the ball into the restricted area are very difficult, Gao Lin and Zhang Yuning were isolated and helpless downturn has be not at all surprising. Ironically, when the two center of mediocrity, perhaps the hearts of many people are beginning to miss Wu Lei. Yes, Wu Lei did fly some single, but at least he can let a person see the goal of hope, and tonight the country foot, but even this little hope can not leave us. In addition, Yu Hai will be moving back to the left back position, and organizational offense to Zhang Xizhe, these changes Gao Hongbo, barely received good results. Especially let Yu Hai play fullback, led directly to the first half of the national football offensive tends to be paralyzed, Gao Lin and Zhang Yuning this is one reason why it is hard to get a shot of the team: one side of the wing is broken, one arm cut off center, also let a person how to play? From the 12 round of the first round against South Korea, we should admit that相关的主题文章: