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"Battle of Yichang" continued to hit the luxury of deduction jointly produced by the Yichang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the wonderful story of Tencent entertainment news Hubei television station, Hubei Changjiang Huasheng television limited liability company and other units, the gold producer Meng Fanyao featuring production, directed by the famous director Qi Star "battle of Yichang" recently in eight sets of CCTV television series the channel continued to hit prime time. Xu Jia plastic jagged tough guy, and Lei Tong as the juntong female agents because of the common task of mankind, and Jordan Chan as the chief juntong also increasingly elusive. With a star studded cast, P story, the drama is in hot pursuit of the national audience in the central broadcast by 81. The assassination of intelligence affecting the people of star studded mutual whirlwind acting drama, Jiang Meiyun (Lei Tong), Zhu Ruoyu (Jordan Chan), Zheng Zhen and Vasily together to decipher the Japanese Soviet expert sniper to kill Lu Zuofu’s intelligence. To show the "riffraff hero" Jordan Chan played the role of the majority, in the YiChang Railway Station station Zhu Ruoyu juntong. Although the audience have psychological expectations, but see Jordan Chan dressed in a suit deep concentration to decipher the password, or can not help but shouted: is this the "pheasant brother". A suspected Hu Yisheng was the Japanese spies, right hand side and sent Hu Yisheng with Jiang Meiyun to cooperate, Zhu Ruoyu’s mind is quite deep, Jordan Chan will be the elusive juntong webmaster penetrating interpretation. And at the same time, thanks to Zhu Ruoyu’s strategy, Hu Yisheng (Xu Jia decoration) and the river side by side fighting again. On the same day in Hu Yisheng’s assassination, interference, sniper cannot target; Jiang Meiyun danger, but unfortunately to the sniper shot in the shoulder; finally, Hu Yisheng and the Japanese sniper start confrontation, the moment of life and death, Hu Yisheng threw my coat Jiang scattered sniper’s attention, the next step will be killed. Wisdom and courage in Hu Yisheng, Jiang Meiyun of Nei, in two actors acting strength got the perfect present. Tujia row husband team domineering debut suspense fell out of P in last night’s story, from the Japanese army Jiangfang engineering continuously bombarded the critical situation, then Jiangfang army liaison officer Hu Yisheng immediately called the Yichang local Tujia row husband team, secret to adjust the configuration and location of air defense position, with Yichang military courage and wisdom, re arrangement of the terminal defenses ultimately withstand heavy bombing the Japanese, and the Soviet Union experts Vasily praise. At the same time, Lu Zuofu (Shi Jingming ornaments) in the bold proposal of the company decided to let the people’s livelihood, the company opened the night channel. At this time, row husband team came out again, when the old man said to willing to serve as a pilot for the shipping at night. When the crowd fell, expect a big bowl of wine drinking evacuation success, a potential crisis is quietly struck…… In the next episode, why the sudden collapse of the anti – hole? Why does Cai Jilun’s radio send out suspicious signals? The play will reveal which of the unknown true story, but also the audience waiting for.相关的主题文章: