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Fashion-Style Yesterday I was making my way to the airport on the 1-4 after just spending a wonderful eight days in the glorious weather of Florida. As I was replaying a few of the past week’s fondest memories in my mind I noticed .ing up my left a group of 3 bikers. Being that they we were all heading north I assumed the trio was headed for Daytona Beach. The bike week is in fully swing now right up until the 18th March. With beautiful weather and only a 75 mile ride ahead of them they were sure to have a wonderful time. What I did think unusual about this group of bikers was their age. One was more than likely my age (mid-40s or so) while the other two were significantly older. I actually thought that the two of them were old enough to require bifocal riding glasses and some discounts at restaurants for seniors. They each had a head of grey hair that was blowing behind them and they both wore biker leathers and had a variety of different tattoos. I was trying to see if they had patches but they were past me before I could see. Having said that, I do remember laughing to myself and thinking "Old bikers never die; they just go to that big rally in the sky". Bifocal riding glasses or not, riding is one thing that you’re never too old to do. You cannot do far much better than hopping on your bike and heading out on the open road; it really is so exhilarating. In point of fact, you can really get to see so many excellent parts of the country from the back of a motor cycle and it is much a lot better than being cramped in a tour bus or a stuffy auto. Until you have been on the back of a motorbike, you just can’t understand how free you will feel. Well I have now left Florida behind and am back working and unfortunately the bike season aren’t going to start here for at least another month. But before long we’ll see quite a substantial amount of bikers out and about on our local roads. As for the trio I saw on I-4 in Florida, I hope they made it to Daytona successfully for the last half of Bike Week. If they are there then it shows that it does not matter what age you’re, you can still be a biker. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: