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"Blood" for stepping on behalf of Hongkong Oscar for best foreign language film Tencent entertainment news "Hongkong Film Producers Association today announced the decision to recommend" riding "for blood on behalf of the Hongkong bid for the eighty-ninth Oscar Award for best foreign language film award. Oscar’s final shortlist will be announced early next year. "Riding" by the blood for film production Co. Ltd., Hongkong Meiya Meiya Entertainment Development Co., with the company’s production and production, opened 2015 reserve acclaimed, has invited a number of International Film Festival, won numerous awards, including the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards with nine nominations, and won the best film, best actress and actor special praise award in the Fuchuan international Fantastic Film Festival (Bai Zhi), Aaron Kwok also won this by the New York Asia Film Festival, outstanding actor award. In the thirty-fifth Hongkong Film Awards in the film won the best screenplay, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress and best new actor, best cinematography seven awards for the first awards in 5 Grand Slam film acting. "Riding" is based on the blood for a case of murder in Hongkong create a great sensation adaptation, director Weng Ziguang wrote the screenplay won the best screenplay award of Hongkong HAF venture capital, after three years of planning, the full support of Maya entertainment, shooting smoothly. Because the script is excellent, outstanding character, attracted superstar Aaron Kwok is willing to show effort for the film. The actors including Jin Yanling, spring and summer, white only have super performance level, especially on the new men, with spontaneous acting in a number of blockbuster, Film Festival won awards. Thank you for the support of entertainment director Weng Ziguang Mayer, make the film to be completed in the twists and turns. He believes that the "blood" of the foot for success to fully cooperate with the behind the scenes, a person’s credit. For Christopher Doyle and film photography which version of the Zhang Shuping splicing is the master of people, Wong Kar Wai’s team, make the film temperament beyond the general mainstream commercial movies. The film with a case of violence under the guise of cold and lonely human nature writing, narrative layers overlap, inspired thinking multi angle, much of the audience and critics much appreciated. President Tang Qingzhi noted that the film is Maya entertainment was "very excited" flushes austria. The "blood" for "riding Meiya investment philosophy has always been based on pure support high quality Hongkong film. The film script is very exquisite, the theme is controversial, but we see the movie director Weng Ziguang the creation of unlimited sincerity, Hongkong film needs more creative, more like Weng Ziguang need more aggressive director." American entertainment director Li Dengxu is also director of the importance of the cultivation of new identity. He said: "whether in Hongkong or the mainland market, the strength of the director in the extreme lack of content is king of the times, the director is the soul of the film, a good director is good works, we will strive to explore more potential future young director, will give them more creative space." "Riding" is "blood film selection criteria for Hongkong Film Association" provided by the American film institute recommended the film, in addition to the "tap" film, won the panel support works also include Stephen Chow’s "Mermaid", Benny Chan’s "siege", and two new director works "five step" and "dark heaven.相关的主题文章: