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British media: Austria cracked 150 criminal gangs China woman cheated prostitution Beijing – Reference News Network November 15th British media reported that the Austria police have detained 7 Chinese and Austrian, they were accused of forcing at least 150 China women as prostitutes in a brothel. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on November 15th, these women were recruited by a Chinese criminal gangs in the guise of China, they play is for these women in the reciprocal, Austria or when women massage jobs abroad. Austria police said the women had to pay up to ten thousand euros in Austria visa fees and were forced to hand in their passports. Reported that they were closely monitored in Austria, they earn the money was taken away. Austria investigators said, if these women want to run away, members of criminal gangs on violence against women. Reported that the victims were first sent to Vienna, Austria work after a period of time, have been transferred to prostitution around brothels. Austria police raided more than 10 homes in the operation, and seized a fake identity, a pistol and a $30 thousand in cash and other currencies.相关的主题文章: