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Astrology When I shifted into my new home, people asked me how the new home and place feels. Strangely enough the immediate response that sprang to my mind was that this is a happy home. Happy? Sounds like a strange word to describe a home as generally a house made of bricks and stones are described as enormous or small, palatial or shabby but not happy or sad. However the overall feel of the house gave me a very positive vibe and I felt good about moving in to this place. This got me thinking that every person or even inanimate objects send out a definite vibe or energy that can be either good or bad. Our ancestors realized this and knew how to tap into the positive energy in the most favorable manner in the form of vaastu shastra, a set of ancient Hindu principles of architecture and town planning. Most Hindu homes were built and are still being constructed keeping the principles of vaastu shastra as a guiding force to make the construction and environment achieve perfect harmony with the physical and metaphysical aspects. The principles of vaastu shastra lay down specific guidelines regarding the direction in which various rooms are to be constructed or objects and materials to be placed to achieve best results. Conceptually it is quite close to the ancient Chinese rules of Feng shui although Feng Shui is more of correctional measures whereas vaastu shastra needs to be implemented at the beginning of any construction. The principle of vaastu shastra has four basic categories which are earth which is also called bhoomi, the structures on the earth which are also called prasada, the mobile objects called yaana and finally the furniture which is the sayana. The principles of vaastu shastra .bine all the factors to achieve specific detailing during construction at the macro and the micro level. Attentions to detail is paid right from the point of site selection, site planning, planning and disposition of the rooms, proportions between the various structures of the construction and finally even the character of the building. The inherent purpose of employing the logic and principles of vaastu shastra to any construction is to achieve harmony, peace and prosperity of the residents of that structure. A strong scientific logic supports and promotes the prevalent use and application of this knowledge of architecture. It is a .mon occurrence where one business fails miserably while the other in the very same industry prospers. Besides other reasons the unsuitability of the location and the office structure could also be playing a major role in this turn of fortunes. Same can be said regarding diametrically opposite fates of two siblings who stay in different houses. Science and an expert knowledge about the earths topography provide a strong backbone to the study and understanding of vaastu shastra. If utilized and applied correctly without the cloud of superstition and ignorance, vaastu shastra can indeed be a powerful tool that could turn the wheel of fortune in any individuals favor About the Author: 相关的主题文章: