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The Cairo International Film Festival "Mimosas" won the Pyramid Grand Prix Mimosa – Sohu Cairo China seminar of Cairo Chinese entertainment movie night film festival jury at Sohu entertainment news (Liu Minwen) 38 Cairo International Film Festival November 24th evening ended, Pyramid film festival awards won by Spain, Morocco, France and Qatar four joint film "many Samoan Mimosas" China films ", a top ten thousand words of" regret missing awards. Mimosas tells the story of a group of hikers and a donkey horse, accompanied by an elderly dying tribal leaders across Morocco Atlas high mountains. The patriarch hopes to be buried with his loved ones after death, but it is a pity that he can’t wait to get to the destination. The loss of courage climbing team refuses to carry the body, two of his punks volunteered to claim to know the destination path can be. At the same time, a seemingly silly devout who joined the team, to give them help. The film was shot in Morocco, and the bleak and desolate landscape of the desert mountains of northern Africa was a fable. Director: Oliver Laxe Olivier Laax will be defined as a piece of Western religious works on religion. In his view, the film is an open work, has been out of geographical constraints, can be oriented to different cultures and ideologies, both a physical and a profound adventure. Earlier this year in the Cannes film critics week won the Nespresso award. China to participate in the main competition, a top ten thousand sentence eventually missed the award. But this year’s Cairo Film Festival is not the lack of China elements in Egypt the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the two countries cultural background, Chinese as this festival invited guest country. By the State Press and publication Chinese movie delegation SARFT film bureau deputy inspector Zhou Jiandong as the representative of the Chinese night party, showing specially produced 6 minute movie promotional video to the guests and the industry, hope through short guests may learn more about Chinese culture, China people and social development, Chinese favorite movie. In addition, during the festival also held a seminar on film China, Cairo Film Festival president Magda (Magda Wassef), local Egyptian film critics, the French film critic Fu Dong, Nantes three continents Film Festival founder Jia Lan more China film experts, and representatives from Chinese Film Archive until the speech. The forum discusses the history and current situation of Chinese film, the significance of the world film, and the development of the western world. On the face of China films to educate the young generation, also attended the seminar, director Jia Zhangke disclosed that he served as president of the Shanghai Vancouver Film Academy and the Shanghai municipal government will cooperate, make a movie for middle school education program, the preparation of standard and textbooks, students can take courses, let students understand the Chinese film professional history and aesthetic appreciation. China Film Archive also introduced the SARFT film into the campus plan, excellent movies every year for middle school students to enter the school show, in addition to the special film summer camp, students have the opportunity to love movies.相关的主题文章: