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You could have a legitimate problem and never understand how to resolve it. Attorneys have already been specially competent in regulations and our legislation. And also the right attorney can advise and help you with your distinct issue.

If you’re going through offender expenses or perhaps a suit, for instance, an attorney will help you recognize your privileges, as well as the good and bad points of the case. A lawyer is aware the rules and procedures for arguing the situation problem. Along with a attorney can make a huge difference in whether your part with the tale is effectively shown to the court or jury.

A lawyer can assist you break up, file for bankruptcy or draw up a will. Or, if you have been seriously injured or over used, a legal professional can help you report case. Some law firms handle various legal issues others concentrate on certain areas from the law.

Sometimes, failing to get in touch with an attorney instantly could make the specific situation a whole lot worse. If you are imprisoned or linked to a significant auto accident, for instance, a person must job interview the witnesses and gather proof immediately.

In other conditions, precautionary legal services could save you time, difficulties and money by preventing issues prior to they arise. Get, for instance, the purchase of your loved ones home. It’s likely you have a issue in the future in the event you indication the purchase deal with out fully understanding it. Or you are launching an enterprise having a spouse. An attorney could explain the advantages and drawbacks of various relationship preparations.

These are generally a few of the various circumstances where lawyers provides assistance and guidance.

Legal counsel like <a hrefEquates toHa‘>Jonathan Franklin Regulation<Pera&gt can help.

Discover Secrets In Getting The Right Car Wreck Attorney

Each person tries to be cautious and ensure there are no accidents that occur but sometimes, they are just unavoidable, and one needs to come up with a solution in advance. When one is sure that a lawyer is qualified, it makes them be at ease knowing that things will flow in accordance to plan and they will give your case their best. Talking with a lawyer online does not make them the best that is why one should plan on meeting with them and seeing if their personality matches yours and if it will be easy for you to work with them until the case is over.

Not all car accident need an attorney but when the claim is complex, there is need to have someone with legal expertise considering most insurance companies do not want to compensate. Without doing your research well including running a background test, one might end up settling for someone who is not worth your time and money, so, researching is important and saves one from too much hassle when you start working with the lawyer. Hire someone experienced who has handled various cases before, and there are many Baton Rouge injury attorney to hire.

If you are lucky to get one of the best Louisiana accident attorney, they should be in a position to calculate the damage and determine the amount of money that is worth compensation. Just because they are a lawyer does not give them an automatic ticket to getting hired, and one must be sure they specialize in accidents. Look for someone who matches your needs and be sure they give you contacts of some of the people they have dealt with recently.

Get to know if their work is only to represent the victim while someone else handles the paperwork to have an idea of the number of people you will be working with and for how long. It is never an easy job to think of the factors that could affect the way a Louisiana personal injury lawyer handles your case but coming up with solutions in advance helps one to be on the right track. Ask if they will be your everyday contact or there are other individuals whom one needs to save their contacts and what their roles should be in your case.

Never settle until you find someone who is worth your time and efforts and their portfolio should show they are willing to assist you through every moment. The goal to working with a personal injury lawyer is to let them understand your situation since there are more emotions attached to the situation; therefore, look for someone who is another version of you. Never make decisions that might make you regret when selecting a personal injury lawyer and take your time but not too long since you could lose your claim.

Importance of Hiring a NY Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury is a legal term that is used to mean an injury to the body, mind and the emotions of a person. Personal injury lawsuits are usually filed against the person who caused the injury through negligence or intentional misconduct. As a general trend, the cure of the claim to pay an amount of money for the harm caused. Like every single other case, the likelihood of losing in such a case is high when the offended party argues the case individually. Utilizing a good lawyer to battle the case for you may be an amazingly repaying move. Many personal injury lawyers are available in New York. Employing one to speak for you will have the accompanying advantages.

Through the experience and information that law consultants have, they can guide the individual placing the case on how much the case can bring. The vast majority don’t have the know-how that their cases could get more in terms of the pay. The legal counselor in this way keeps you mindful of what you can get from the case. It could be a notable open way for you to get a better life.

The other favorable position that goes with having a lawyer is that the legal advisor knows the legal method followed. A man who has not learned the law does not know the strategies related to the case and may in this way lose the case if it is taken beyond the settlement stage. The advocate gives direction on what to do and what not to. This finally impacts you to look like you know what you are doing.

The odds of losing the claim increase on the off chance that you don’t obtain a legal advisor.The effect of the lawyer is that they improve the odds of winning the case. The truth is that most probably the defendant will hire a lawyer to represent them. If you, of course, proceed with the case without the help of a lawyer, you will most probably lose. This will be a loss of your opportunity and resources.

The motivation of the lawyer is also another benefit. The inspiration comes because of the fact that in these types of cases, the legal counselor does not get any cash unless a settlement is won from the insurer.This therefore means that the lawyer will ensure that they get a settlement from the insurance company. This endeavors to your advantage since you won’t have to do much inducing for the lawyer to genuinely push the case to victory.

As seen above, the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer are worth your try the next time someone injures you.

Why Should You Hire A Lawyer?

A lawyer is a person whose stated profession is to verily represent given clients in an authorized court of law or can also be the one chosen to either advice or act for certain clients in other different legal matters. Hiring a lawyer has its own benefits and one of the benefits of hiring a lawyer is for example since the law is quite complicated having a lawyer will make things quite easy when it comes to dealing with matters related to law. Another benefit of a lawyer or hiring a lawyer is that it will help you spend less because not hiring or having a lawyer may eventually cost you more .

Hiring a lawyer at the end of the day when it comes to matters of evidence will be quite beneficial since they will be able to give evidence that will automatically become valid if one chooses a qualified lawyer and thus this will help one not end up with evidence that is not even anywhere near convincing. Another benefit of hiring a lawyer is that one will be assisted when it comes to issues of handling documents that could be a challenge to an individual therefore hiring a lawyer would help you get your case presentation documents in the legal process and the legal procedures so having or rather hiring a lawyer would be an added advantage at the end of the day.

Another benefit of hiring a lawyer is because since they inevitably depend on an extended type of network of generally professionals they will definitely be of help when it comes to client cases.
Another accrued benefit of hiring a lawyer Is that as an individual since one is not sure of how he or she is supposed to plead , having a lawyer would save one the difficulties that come along with pleading or not pleading guilty.

Another benefit of hiring a lawyer will be that he or she will help when it comes to dealing with legal situations and procedures therefore hiring a lawyer will help one as an individual avoids problems in the very first place rather than eventually after sometime have to fix issues that would arise by then. A benefit accrued to having a lawyer is that a good trained lawyer has the ability to verily strike up a good written settlement offer or even a well settlement plea bargain, this is done by the lawyer if it is legally necessary.

Another benefit of hiring or having a lawyer is that he or she will help an individual decide whether one will need to get a lawyer or not.

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Stripping "vaccine gate" Watson biological welcome new main state-owned assets to survive hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my / reporter Qi Doudou, editor Qiu Jiang Watson biological "vaccine" the event was finally entered the final stage, the company ultimately chose "cleaning", will someone’s vaccine company split, to completely eliminate the negative influence of the "Shandong vaccine incident" brought to the listed company. Watson biological September 21st morning announcement, intends to sell 85% yuan biological shares of 697 million stake, after the completion of the transaction, the company will no longer hold its equity. Because the real Jie biological nearly two years of revenues of listed companies accounted for more than 60% of revenue, Watson biological the arm to survive it will cause damage to the company’s short-term business. However, the Yunnan state owned Platform Industry Investment Group intends to lend a helping hand, the controlling shareholder of the company, help Watson biological bigger and stronger new vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, blood products and other core business. "Shuaibaofu" remove the impact of the suspension after half a year, Watson biological in yesterday morning out of the sale of major assets to the draft report, as the "Shandong vaccine incident end. Announcement, the company intends to transfer Yuxi woyun real Jie biological 40% stake to Derun day clear transfer of real Jie biological 45% equity, in cash transactions, the transfer price of 697 million yuan in total, including Derun day clear pay 369 million yuan to pay 328 million yuan, Yuxi woyun. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the original shareholders of Derun Tian Qing, chairman of another counterparty Yuxi woyun company Li Yunchun the actual control of the enterprise. After the completion of the transaction, the company will no longer hold real biological shares. Public information shows that the company’s main business is the two kinds of vaccines and other biological products agent, storage, circulation and sales. In 2013, Watson biological 10 million yuan transferee real biological shares 100%, became its controlling shareholder. In June 2015, Watson biological will transfer 15% shares of real biological to Derun Tian qing. In August, the whole change to Limited by Share Ltd, and in December 17th listed three new board. Since then, the vaccine incident, real Jie biological in July this year from the new three board delisting. Watson had biological equity capital in the form of a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chongqing times, Ningbo and Saint Puno Ning (Putian) transfer to real Jie, which is thus completed the integration of Watson biological vaccines and other biological products under the sales channels, the initial formation of most domestic large cross regional specialization of vaccines and other biological products sales channel platform. According to the sale of the draft, to March 31, 2016 as the base, real Jie biological consolidated shareholders’ equity book value 725 million yuan, the assessed value of 820 million yuan, the added value of 95 million 473 thousand and 700 yuan, value-added rate of 13.18%. The company explained that the evaluation system and its subsidiaries assume real Jie biological thereafter to carry out vaccine promotion, obtained the operation profit model vaccine promotion income. According to the management’s prediction, this evaluation assumes that the real organism is in 20 aspects

剥离“疫苗门”资产 沃森生物迎国资新主求生 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你参赛你赚你拿 总能让你过把瘾   ⊙记者 祁豆豆 ○编辑 邱江   沃森生物“疫苗门”事件终于进入收尾阶段,公司最终选择了“清理门户”,将涉事疫苗公司剥离,以彻底消除“山东疫苗事件”给上市公司带来的负面影响。沃森生物9月21日早间公告,拟6.97亿元出售实杰生物85%股权,本次交易完成后公司将不再持有其股权。   由于实杰生物近两年营收均占上市公司营收的六成以上,沃森生物本次“断臂求生”无疑会给公司短期经营造成重创。不过,云南国资平台工投集团伸出了援手,有意上位公司控股股东,助力沃森生物做大做强新型疫苗、单抗、血液制品等核心主业。   “甩包袱”清除影响   停牌半年后,沃森生物于昨日早间抛出重大资产出售报告书草案,欲为“山东疫苗事件”画上句点。公告显示,公司拟以现金交易的方式向德润天清转让实杰生物45%股权、向玉溪沃云转让实杰生物40%股权,转让价格合计6.97亿元,其中德润天清支付3.69亿元、玉溪沃云支付3.28亿元。值得一提的是,除原股东德润天清外,另一个交易对方玉溪沃云系公司董事长李云春实际控制的企业。本次交易完成后,公司将不再持有实杰生物股权。   公开资料显示,实杰生物主营业务为二类疫苗及其他生物制品的代理、存储、流通及销售。2013年,沃森生物1000万元受让实杰生物100%股权,成为其控股股东。2015年6月,沃森生物将实杰生物15%股权转让给德润天清。8月,实杰生物整体变更为股份有限公司,并于12月17日挂牌新三板。此后,受疫苗事件影响,实杰生物于今年7月从新三板摘牌。   沃森生物曾以股权增资的形式将旗下全资子公司重庆倍宁、宁波普诺和圣泰(莆田)转让给实杰生物,后者由此完成对沃森生物下属疫苗及其他生物制品销售渠道的整合,初步形成目前国内最大的跨区域专业化疫苗及其他生物制品代理销售渠道平台。   根据出售草案,以2016年3月31日为基准日,实杰生物合并股东全部权益账面值7.25亿元,评估值8.2亿元,增值9547.37万元,增值率 13.18%。公司解释称,本次评估系假设实杰生物及其子公司以后年度将以开展疫苗推广、获得疫苗推广收入的盈利模式经营。根据管理层的预计,本次评估假设实杰生物于2016年9月开始恢复经营。   沃森生物表示,为尽快消除“山东疫苗事件”对公司的不利影响,打消市场疑虑,公司决定转让实杰生物85%股权,聚焦和突显公司新型重组疫苗、单抗药物等“重磅产品”研发和产业化的战略重点。   “后遗症”仍将延续   “山东疫苗事件”折磨了沃森生物半年之久。今年3月,实杰生物因涉嫌虚构疫苗销售渠道而遭监管部门调查。受“山东疫苗事件”的影响,实杰生物及其子公司圣泰药业先后因违法行为被食品药品监管部门撤销《药品经营质量管理规范认证证书》,随后又相继被吊销《药品经营许可证》。4月,国务院正式发文,对原《疫苗流通和预防接种管理条例》作出二十四项修订,取消了疫苗批发企业经营疫苗的环节,不再允许药品批发企业经营疫苗。   由于《条例》发布施行的时间较短,地方性配套的具体实施细则与办法至今尚未完整出台,国内疫苗渠道公司的经营模式如何转变也未有定论,因此“山东疫苗事件”对疫苗流通行业的短期影响还存在一定的不确定性。由此,也导致中介机构无法确认沃森生物针对实杰生物等四家渠道公司计提的商誉和无形资产减值准备数据的合理性,对上市公司2015年度财务报告出具了保留意见的审计报告。   财务数据显示,2015年及2016年1-6月,沃森生物实现营业收入10.06亿元、2.93亿元,归属于母公司所有者净利润-8.41亿元、-1.62亿元。   尽管此番“清理门户”有利于消除“山东疫苗事件”给公司的不利影响,但沃森生物仍需要时间修复“创伤”,短期来看,公司仍面临一定的经营风险,低迷业绩将延续至今年底。   从经营规模角度看,实杰生物2014年度和2015年度合并口径的营业收入分别为4.81亿元和7.41亿元,占上市公司同期合并口径的营业收入的比例分别为66.90% 和73.67%。在本次交易完成后,上市公司短期内的经营规模将明显下降,存在一定的经营风险。沃森生物在半年报中预计,年初至下一报告期期末的累计净利润仍为亏损,公司销售收入和净利润与去年同期相比将下降,预计亏损数较上年同期增加。   “复苏术”值得期待   就在市场对沃森生物未来忧虑之际,云南国资及时向公司伸出援手。据公司昨日公告,9月20日,云南省工业投资控股集团有限责任公司(简称“工投集团”)与公司及其大股东李云春签订了《合作协议》,各方将共同推进在医药产业发展、产业资本运作等方面的合作事宜。   公告显示,本次《合作协议》签订后,工投集团后续拟通过依法受让李云春及公司其他股东所持的公司股份、参与公司增发、二级市场增持或与李云春及公司管理团队共同搭建控股平台等方式成为公司控股股东。   根据协议,工投集团将通过李云春及公司其他股东受让不低于8%的公司股份,转让价格原则上不低于《股份转让协议》签订之日前一交易日大宗交易价格下限(若以停牌日前一交易日收盘价11.16元 股计算,股份转让价格不低于10.044元 股)。   据了解,作为云南省重要的国有资本投资管理平台之一,工投集团具有雄厚的资本实力、丰富的产业投资经验与卓越的产业整合能力,业务涵盖生物医药、电子信息、园区产业、现代服务业等战略新兴产业。工投集团依托资源与政策优势,着力培育优质医药产业资源,目前拥有云南医药工业股份有限公司等云南医药工业龙头企业。   沃森生物表示,通过与工投集团的深度合作,将充分整合各自优势资源,形成优势互补,促进公司新型疫苗和单抗药物业务板块产业的快速发展,有利于将公司打造成为中国新型疫苗、单抗药物产业的领先企业和最具成长性的生物制药企业。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

[] the main currency of eight analysis support and resistance Huitong network February 10th News – Wednesday (February 10th) technology in the European market, the United States refers to shock rise high of 96.31 refresh. European stock markets rose, the risk appetite rebounded, weighed on the euro and the yen, sterling against the weak industrial output data. At the same time, before Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen’s congressional testimony at night, investors chose to flat out the short positions before. The following is the resistance of the eight currency remittance network technical support: 4 resistance resistance currency to 3 resistance 2 resistance 1 support 1 support support support 4 2 3 1.1410 1.1387 1.1351 1.1306 EUR / USD 1.1245 1.1145 1.1118 1.1012 1.4668 1.4649 1.4612 1.4515 GBP / USD 1.4446 1.4374 1.4302 1.4280 116.51 115.97 115.57 115.26 dollar yen 114.21 114 113.84 113.40 dollar 0.9882 0.9824 0.9786 0.9750 0.9707 0.9693 CHF 0.9679 0.9614 Australian dollar 0.7266 0.7214 0.7189 0.7138 0.7036 0.7002 0.6968 0.6917 dollar 0.6822 0.6760 0.6713 0.6659 0.6585 0.6529 0.6487 0.6417 1.4100 1.4053 1.3990 dollar 1.3910 1.3864 1.3797 1.3719 1.3700 0.7900 0.7884 0.7842 0.7818 euro 0.7750 0.7700 0.7625 0.7576 Beijing time 19:30, the dollar index was at 96.10. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

【技术分析】八大主要货币对支撑与阻力   汇通网2月10日讯――周三(2月10日)欧市盘中,美指震荡上扬,刷新日高96.31。欧洲股市大涨,风险情绪回升打压欧元和日元,英镑冲高,不畏疲软工业产出数据。同时在美联储主席耶伦晚间国会证词前,投资者选择平掉之前空头仓位。   以下是汇通网八大货币技术支撑阻力分析: 货币对阻力4阻力3阻力2阻力1支撑1支撑2支撑3支撑4欧元兑美元1.1410 1.1387 1.1351 1.1306 1.1245 1.1145 1.1118 1.1012 英镑兑美元1.4668 1.4649 1.4612 1.4515 1.4446 1.4374 1.4302 1.4280 美元兑日元116.51 115.97 115.57 115.26 114.21 114.00 113.84 113.40 美元兑瑞郎0.9882 0.9824 0.9786 0.9750 0.9707 0.9693 0.9679 0.9614 澳元兑美元0.7266 0.7214 0.7189 0.7138 0.7036 0.7002 0.6968 0.6917 纽元兑美元0.6822 0.6760 0.6713 0.6659 0.6585 0.6529 0.6487 0.6417 美元兑加元1.4100 1.4053 1.3990 1.3910 1.3864 1.3797 1.3719 1.3700 欧元兑英镑0.7900 0.7884 0.7842 0.7818 0.7750 0.7700 0.7625 0.7576   北京时间19:30,美元指数报96.10。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The online complaints network said frankly that "the user service Omissions", "investor newspaper" reporter Wang Yu point Rong Rong network team recently a bit annoying, because they were complaints by investors. Last week, Sina Financial exposure table received investors for the melting point of the network complaints, two of investors said that the investment in the multiple credit standard, standard mortgage, guaranty are overdue and bad debts, the melting point of the network is that the project audit is not strict risk control measures are not qualified, bad loans overdue suck. For a moment, the dot melting network faces many challenges. After a preliminary understanding of the situation, the investor newspaper reporters, according to the media and investors feedback complaints facts, through telephone and written interviews to point to verify the financial network and ask the solution. Point melting network in detail replied to reporters’ interview, saying that the occurrence of the complaint, exposed business services there are some omissions, the requirements of individual customers did not respond promptly, only to cause complaints from investors. At present, the point of convergence network shows that the company is actively communicating with the two investors, hoping to get their understanding, and provide better user experience in future services. To improve the information disclosure in two complaints, of which Mr. Jin of Shanghai 2014 investment of 3 ID 59468, 59448, 59410 of the credit scale, the borrower and the borrower uses the information of the subject is no more detailed information, can not even see the real name of the borrower. In the "audit information" column, the bank account documents, credit reports, residence certificates, identity cards, income certificates, marriage instructions, work mail, work phone authentication and other information are not visible. And the report pointed out that the annual rate of return of the underlying items are around 20%, relatively high, and the borrowing time, borrowing period, borrowing interest rates, borrowers information is very close. How to explain the seemingly higher rate of return, the melting point of the network, told reporters "investor", these are the subject of individual pure credit subject, because the melting point of the network is taking the risk pricing model, after the audit risk control in the borrower’s qualification to indicate the risk level of loan projects with the expected return rate. "P2P platform in the past few years so hot, continue to give investors a much higher income than traditional financial way.". It is based on the flexible pricing strategy that we can adopt a high yield pricing strategy for a group of relatively high risk people." For the question of information disclosure are facing, the melting point of the network to the "investor" reporter explained, in order to protect the privacy of the borrower, the melting point of the network shows only the basic information standard, the basic information is to help investors understand the investment related situation and information, to facilitate investors to make a choice. Point melting network told reporters, after the introduction of formal regulatory rules, the financial network will also be based on the provisions of the rules, information disclosure, better service to investors. In addition, the melting point of the network has also pointed out that, after the event, the melting point of the network immediately conducted an internal investigation, did not find Kim investors in the customer service system of consultation records, the melting point of the network service is the initiative to contact Mr. Kim to communicate..

被网上投诉 点融网坦言“用户服务存疏漏”   《投资者报》记者 王宇   点融网的团队最近有点烦,因为它们被投资者投诉了。   上周,新浪金融曝光台收到投资者对于点融网的投诉,两名投资者称,其所参与投资的多笔信用标、抵押标、担保标均出现逾期和坏账,点融网被指项目审核不严格,风控措施不合格,坏账后催收不给力。一时之间,点融网面临诸多质疑。   《投资者报》记者在初步了解情况后,根据媒体及投资者所反馈的投诉事实,通过电话及书面采访向点融网方面进行求证并询问解决之道。点融网方面详细回复了记者的采访,称此次投诉事件的发生,暴露出业务服务上存在一些疏漏,对个别客户的要求没有做出及时响应,才造成投资人抱怨的情况。   目前,点融网方面表示,公司正在积极地和两位投资人沟通,希望能得到他们的谅解,并在未来的服务中提供更好的用户体验。   信息披露待完善   在两起投诉中,其中上海的金先生2014年所投资的ID为59468、59448、59410的3个信用标,这些标的的借款人信息及借款用途也没有更为详细的信息,甚至看不到借款人的真实姓名。而在“审核信息”一栏中,银行账户证明文件、信用报告、户口证明、身份证认证、收入证明、婚姻说明、工作邮箱、工作电话认证等信息均不可见。且报道指出,上述标的的年化收益率都在20%左右,相对偏高,且借款时间、借款期限、借款利率、借款人信息非常接近。   如何解释看似较高的收益率,点融网告诉《投资者报》记者,这些标的都是个人纯信用标的,由于点融网采取的是风险定价模式,在对借款人的资质进行风控审核之后,用预期收益率高低来表示借款项目的风险高低。“P2P平台在过去几年如此火爆,持续给投资人带来比传统理财方式高得多的收益。正是基于我们可以灵活地通过风险定价,对一部分相对风险高的人群采取高收益的定价策略。”   对于信息披露所面临的质疑,点融网方面给《投资者报》记者的解释是,目前为了保护借款人的隐私,点融网仅展示标的重要基础信息,这些基础信息是有助于投资人了解投资标的的相关情况及信息,便于投资者做出选择。点融网方面告诉记者,在正式的监管细则出台后,点融网也会根据细则的规定,进行信息披露,更好地服务于投资者。   此外,点融网方面也指出,事情发生后,点融网立刻进行了内部情况调查,并没有查到金姓投资人在客服系统中的咨询记录,目前点融网客服正在主动联系金先生进行沟通。   标的催收被质疑   新浪金融曝光台报道,另外一位客户李先生所投诉的其投资的“ID为210973的标的是为企业融资性担保借款,2015年1月28日开始募集,募集金额300万,借款期限12个月,年化收益率12%,该项目仅如期回款5期,便再也没有下文。逾期后,融资性担保公司也未代偿本金和利息。”他所投资的另外一个“ID为148624的抵押标,2014年11月22日开始募集,募集金额300万,借款期限3个月,年化收益率13.99%。”“该项目如期支付了两个月回款,时隔一年,抵押物未能变现支付投资人本息损失。”   报道中李先生还称,自2014年密集其在点融网投资近千笔散标。“那时候的点融网主要推出是散标,且利率较高,在10%至20%,且可连续投标,对投资者非常有吸引力。没想到坏账率那么高,据我测算,我在散标中的投资额大约22万,坏账率近70%,部分标的被我转让了,有部分坏账点融给了赔付,仍有部分担保标和抵押标不能赔付。”   对此,点融网方面回应记者称,在经过对李先生的投资账户进行核查之后发现,李先生的投资笔数和坏账笔数,与文章中的数字并不相符。“包括散标和团团赚的投资在内,李先生的投资笔数为545笔,由于李先生投资的多为高风险的个人信用标,出现的坏账率偏高,但远低于文中所说的70%的比例。”   点融网方面指出,文中提到的“李先生投资的ID为210973的标的”,经查,ID为210973的标的已催收成功并进行赔付。而ID为148624的借款标的,已提交法院并获得胜诉,法院于2015年9月21日发送了判决书,2016年1月4日点融网的代表律师向黄浦区法院提起强制执行,目前正在等待执行阶段。   此前,据《投资者报》记者了解,2014年,点融网曾起诉借款人并胜诉,创下P2P行业催收第一案。   服务确实存漏洞   在和点融网方面沟通的过程中,相关负责人告诉《投资者报》记者,其中一位投资人李先生,2月17日在其微博上有过抱怨,点融网的官方微博工作人员发现这一情况后,当天便请客服主动联系了他,并沟通了解决方案。   “但在解决的过程中,这位投资人可能比较心急,还是找到了媒体。我们能理解李姓投资人的心情,他对自己本金收益特别关心,希望得到即时的处理,但公司需要有一个规范化的流程,所以,有时候难免有所耽误。”该位负责人说。   针对上述两位投资人所反映的问题及此次曝光事件,点融网方面坦言,“本次事件的发生,我们承认在服务上确实存在一些疏漏,对个别客户的要求没有做出及时响应,才造成投资人找到媒体抱怨的情况。”点融网方面表示,平台在为客户服务的过程中,永远都有提升的空间。   而在此前,点融网尚未遭受过如此严重的投诉与质疑。点融网方面告诉记者,点融网延续Lendling Club的“工程师+律师”的黄金组合,吸引名校的高管团队以及具有平均15年的国际互联网公司和金融公司工作管理经验的人才加入。在追求合法合规的路上,点融网今年又新加入了三位资深银行高管。   据《投资者报》记者了解,在获得由渣打直接投资公司和中国互联网金融科技基金领投的C轮融资后,点融网开始大量投放广告。对此,点融网方面表示,因为公司已经进入了又快又稳的发展期,风控模型、产品模型及内部业务流程等都更加成熟,点融网认为,应该适当地提高公司品牌的知名度,让更多的投资人了解点融网。与此同时,用户服务一定要做到位。相关的主题文章:

Gome electric power company acquired art development behind: Wong Kwong Yu control power to strengthen – home appliance – People’s original title: Gome enterprises acquisition of art development behind: Wong Kwong Yu control force to strengthen online e-commerce channels will occupy more and more share of China’s retail market. For Gome, the future turnover still wants to rely on the growth of Gome online, of course, now the United States online market share is too low, in the future, the United States should strive to enhance their share in the e-commerce market. Yi Wei Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "art Wei development"), if only using the Internet search engine to access its information, many people will find that this is a very low-key company, there is no official website, nor alone announced any performance. But on the other hand, it is also a star of the company — in fact, the actual control of the company is GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gome") former chairman of the board of directors, said "Wong Kwong Yu is still in prison remote control of Gome", and has many non listed stores. Today, art Wei development will be integrated into the listed company gome. Days ago, Gome announced that the board is pleased to announce that shareholders? Meeting was held on January 22nd, and contained in the special shareholders? All resolutions of the general assembly of the circular case, has been through the way of voting by the independent shareholders. Late last July 26th evening, Gome announced that it intends to acquire Wong Kwong Yu, the controlling shareholder, Yi Wei wholly owned all the issued shares of development, the total transaction price of HK $11 billion 268 million. Experts believe that Gome now will be the two pieces together, benefit from GOME’s recent two years of profitability, the merger assets will undoubtedly enhance the competitiveness of the United states. Especially in the unified retail network behind, the two separate logistics, after sale, procurement and other supply chain has also been integrated. This is another important milestone in the process of integration of Gome after the acquisition of Dazhong Electric appliance. "For Wong Kwong Yu’s identity as the largest shareholder, this is a good thing.". After the acquisition, Wong Kwong Yu shares in Gome listed companies are more obvious than the original, his control of Gome will be strengthened." Senior industry observer Liang Zhenpeng on the "international finance" reporter analysis, at the same time, the listed company Gome is a good thing, "after the acquisition of the equivalent of one year turnover can Duojibaiyi yuan, which is good for the stock price promotion, the brand image is the". Although can improve performance and flow, but jointly, Alibaba and Jingdong in the Su ningyun mall continuously exists in the market under the background of brush sense, Gome can really save much lost in the market, may also see consumer choice. At the same time, Gome another non listed companies in the assets of the company, the United States online can play much power, but also to a certain extent, determine the competitiveness of the country’s market. "Late trading", indeed, around 2004, when Gome listed in Hongkong, did not put all their stores into the Hongkong Stock Exchange listed companies, but also retained a number of stores." Liang Zhenpeng’s introduction to the international financial journal. Last July, there was news.

国美电企收购艺伟发展背后:黄光裕控制力加强–家电–人民网 原标题:国美电企收购艺伟发展背后:黄光裕控制力加强   线上电子商务渠道会占据中国零售市场越来越多的份额。对于国美来说,未来营业额想要增长仍然得靠国美在线,当然,现在国美在线市场份额太低,未来,国美应该全力提升自身在电子商务市场占有率。   艺伟发展有限公司(下称“艺伟发展”),如果单用互联网搜索引擎查阅其资料,很多人会发现,这是一家颇为低调的公司,既没有官方网站,也没有单独对外公布过任何业绩。   但另一面,这又是一家明星公司――实际上,该公司的实际掌控人是国美电器控股有限公司(下称“国美电器”)原董事局主席、据称“仍在狱中遥控指挥国美电器”的黄光裕,且拥有众多的非上市门店。   如今,艺伟发展确认将整体注入到上市公司国美电器中。日前,国美电器发布公告称,董事会欣然宣布,股东特?大会已于1月22日举行,且载于股东特?大会通告之全部决议案,已获独立股东以投票表决方式通过。   去年7月26日晚,国美电器曾发布公告称,拟收购控股股东黄光裕全资拥有的艺伟发展的全部发行股本,交易总对价为112.68亿港元。   专家认为,现在国美电器将这两块整合在一起,受益于国美最近两年的盈利状态,合并资产无疑增强了国美的竞争实力。特别是在统一的零售网络背后,两家原本分离的物流、售后、采购等供应链也得到了相应融合。这是继收购大中电器后,国美在整合进程中的又一个重要里程碑。   “对黄光裕第一大股东的身份来说,这是好事。收购后,黄光裕在国美电器上市公司的股份就比原来明显,他对国美电器的控制力就会加强。”资深产业经济观察家梁振鹏对《国际金融报》记者分析,同时,对国美电器这个上市公司来说也是好事,“收购后相当于一年营业额可以多几百亿元,这对股价提升、品牌形象都是有好处的”。   虽然能提升业绩和流水,但在阿里巴巴与苏宁云商联手、京东商城不断在市场刷存在感的背景下,国美电器到底能在市场挽回多少“失地”,可能还要看消费者的选择。与此同时,国美电器另一块不在上市公司资产中的公司国美在线能发挥多大的威力,也将在一定程度上决定国美的市场竞争力。   迟到的交易   “的确,在2004年左右,国美电器在香港上市时,并没有把自己所有的门店都注入香港联交所上市公司里,还保留了一部分门店。”梁振鹏对《国际金融报》记者介绍。   去年7月,曾有消息称,2004年,国美电器在香港借壳上市,“当时,因上海等区域的门店尚未实现盈利,仅将实现盈利的门店放入上市公司。其后,在引进华平投资时,大股东曾提出要在2011年底实现非上市门店的注入。然而,这项计划没能按期完成”。   当年,还有报道引述国美电器相关负责人的话表示,“已向政府有关部门递交了将非上市公司注入上市公司的申请,但何时能得到政府部门的审批结果,决定权并不取决于国美。”   但直到2015年7月26日晚,国美电器才发布公告宣布,将以112.68亿港元的交易总对价,收购大股东独资的艺伟发展有限公司的全部股份。   同年10月12日晚,国美电器又宣布,收到拟收购控股股东全资拥有的艺伟发展有限公司及其附属公司截至2012年、2013年及2014年12月31日止年度各年以及2015年6月30日止6个月经审计之业绩,“报告期内,目标集团的销售和利润均有显著增长”。这给了部分投资者信心。   而在今年1月22日,国美电器最终确认,在股东大会中,股东们以80%以上的赞成票通过了对非上市门店资产的注入计划。   实现资源打通   数据显示,截至2015年6月30日,艺伟发展有限公司及其附属公司运营的门店总数为590家,其中自有门店8家,覆盖包括江苏、浙江、上海、福建、江西、湖南、河北、河南、辽宁、吉林、黑龙江、内蒙、山西、贵州、广西、陕西及新疆等17个省份。   国美电器曾表示,如果收购成功完成,国美与目标集团不仅能扩大业务规模,加速二级市场的渗透,而且目标集团的业绩将增加国美的每股盈利。   截至去年10月的报告期内,艺伟发展有限公司及其附属公司实现销售收入108.58亿元,同比上升7.85%;利润2.56亿元,同比增长75.34%。有人测算称,“受益于上述公司的业绩表现,如果收购完成,根据国美2015年上半年业绩计算,国美和目标公司2015年上半年备考净利润总计9.43亿元。”   “就现在国美和苏宁云商的业绩来看,国美与苏宁的差距越来越大,因为苏宁作为上市公司一年的营业额早就突破1000亿元,国美也就五六百亿。上市公司的形象、投资者对他的信心都会受到影响。”梁振鹏说,“所以,现在注入资产很及时,会给投资信心”   家电市场研究专家陆刃波也对《国际金融报》记者表示,“收购后,在未来同行竞争中,国美不会完全处于劣势。同时,包括国美电器的‘盘子’大了,更能在资本市场有所作为。”   此外,在梁振鹏看来,若收购完成,将能实现上市公司与非上市公司在资源上的打通。   国美首席财务官方巍就曾对媒体表示,上市公司与非上市公司此前一直受关联交易额的限制,没能实现供应链共享。   如果收购完成,管理协议和采购服务协议应将终止从而减少关连交易,而且国美与艺伟发展有限公司之间的交易也不会再有关连交易限制。   梁振鹏还认为,这笔交易的另一个好处是:黄光裕获得国美电器更大的持有股权比例。公告显示,黄光裕及此次资产注入的一致行动人、黄光裕全资拥有的Shine Group,黄光裕及其妻子杜鹃拥有的Smart Captain Holdings Limited.等公司,目前拥有32.43%的国美上市公司股权。   不过,梁振鹏称,非上市公司门店的注入也有风险,“现在谁也不知道这部分非上市公司门店经营状况到底如何。因为之前没有上市,财务方面香港证监会不会审核。换句话说,这些门店经营质量的好坏对于国美电器上市公司来说是一个未知的资产”。   “就目前的数据来说,中国家电在线下这块整体销售额是下跌的,现在中国家电主要销售增长都是在电子商务渠道,所以国美收购这些门店,它们的盈利状况可能会给国美带来风险。同时,未来可能会成为国美沉重的重资产包袱,不仅是门店,背后的几万名员工都要接手,这会产生非常大的成本。所以,这项计划各有利弊。”   进入互联网对决   正如专家所言,现在的竞争都集中在线上,而国美电器拥有的另一块非上市公司资产――国美在线,或许是决定行业胜负的又一个“胜负手”。   资深家电专家刘步尘曾对《国际金融报》记者感慨:“以苏宁电器董事长张近东和黄光裕为代表的家电行业竞争的‘上半场’早就结束了,‘下半场’可能更多的还是看阿里巴巴董事局主席马云、京东商城董事局主席兼CEO刘强东等互联网人的对决了。这兴许才是目前这个家电江湖的主题。”   梁振鹏也曾表示,目前的行业格局已经形成,“现在已不是电商发展的‘拓荒期’,国美在线想要提高市场份额必须要从苏宁等竞争对手手中硬抢,显然实力更强的竞争对手不会把市场份额拱手相让”。   “线上电子商务渠道会占据中国零售市场越来越多的份额。按2015年的状况,中国家电零售市场电子商务出货比例占到20%左右,5年前占比连1%都没有,所以说电子商务势不可挡。”梁振鹏对《国际金融报》记者说,“对于国美来说,未来营业额想要增长仍然得靠国美在线,当然,现在国美在线市场份额太低,未来,国美应该全力提升自身在电子商务市场占有率。”   对此,国美心知肚明。近期,国美在线就加入了今年春节的电商大战。国美在线相关负责人透露,今年春节期间,国美在线的物流、低价以及服务都不打烊。价格方面,国美在线平台上的同款彩电价格比其他电商平台“能差出一台小洗衣机的钱数”;物流方面,春节期间国美在线自营大家电配送不打烊;服务方面,在线客服以及上门安装保修等服务也不停歇。   此外,在争夺移动端入口的问题上,国美也不甘示弱。在控股三联商社近8年后,国美对它的角色有了全新安排――三联商社通过增发全资收购德景电子、引入战略投资者紫光展锐,共同构建移动信息安全产业生态圈。   据报道,1月26日下午,在三联商社重组媒体交流沟通会上,国美电器CFO、三联商社监事会主席方巍表示,上述重组完成后,三联商社原有的家电零售业务将会被剥离进入国美电器,其未来主要经营国美控股(国美电器母公司)旗下智能手机业务。   这也意味着三联商社将从一家以零售为主业的公司转型为一家科技公司。该项重组有助于国美电器推进的O2M(线下实体店+线上电商+移动终端)全零售战略,国美电器可以帮助销售三联商社的智能安全手机,而三联商社则能够帮助国美电器打通手机端的入口。相关的主题文章: