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The sixth CBA opener 20+ victory over Sichuan for three years ago to avenge the defeat of October 29th Beijing time news, glory night, the Sichuan team with a 20+ victory for the new season to set sail. This victory, can inspire the commanders of self-confidence. Remember the three years ago? It is the Sichuan team to CBA the first year, the results in the away defeat Guangdong team 53 points, creating CBA opening of the biggest difference record. And tonight, although the lineup is configured by the three foreign aid into two foreign aid, but the Sichuan team is playing well. > > technical statistics after the baptism of the finals this year, Sichuan team has matured. In fact, the overall strength, than last season with a marked decline; but the game in their Beikong show better than others before the team competition. Even last season finals MVP Hadadi only played 26 minutes and 12 seconds, that is, there are nearly two hours sitting on the floor. The opener opener, the Sichuan fans very happy. This season to the playoffs? If this state continues, there is a play! After tonight Sichuan team to win the opener, the history of the CBA home court winning percentage as high as 77.3% (17 – 5). This is when the team (including the predecessor of the Chongqing team) for the first time in history in the opener, from the scene point of view seems to be a little nervous. As for Sichuan, it is the second time. And tonight’s victory, washed the 2013 opener 53 defeat Guangdong team shame. "Qi! Male!" During the game, the Sichuan fans kept cheering for the home team. Three foreign aid into the two foreign aid, the Sichuan team have an impact? The answer is obvious. Generals who understand local players must stand out in this season. The opener, Liu Wei 12 points and 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Meng Da 13 points, Cai Chen 12 points and 6 rebounds; in contrast, Beikong team no 1 players scored in double. The Sichuan team, Liu Wei is one of the most important signings of the season, the veteran with a comprehensive performance proved that the club is worth the investment in him. Last season, the Sichuan team only won 9 points in the home court Beikong team away win Beikong team 13 points. The new season opener, Sichuan team to 20+ win, this is enough to show that Sichuan’s progress. This is the CBA opening of sixth times by the score of 20+, before the 5 season of the Guangdong team were 13-14, 10-11 season 05-06 season, Guangdong Guangsha team, the 97-98 season and 95-96 season Bayi team, the Beijing team. From then on, Sichuan officially opened the defending journey! (Jimmy)相关的主题文章: