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Chang Hao’s cup Mingyueshan bitter hand Li Changgao won the Chang Hao prize 150 thousand get bitter hand Li Changgao finally beat sina sports watch action figure chess the morning of September 8th, the third trilateral Mingyueshan cup chess tournament finals in Yichun Metropark The Springs Hotel cruised the white Chang Hao, defeating Li Changgao, ended on the latter streak. Chang Hao won a bonus of 150 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan second runner up Li Changgao, Yoda Norimoto 50 thousand yuan. Li Changgao is a famous "bitter hand" of Chang Hao, the young age of the stone is almost Chang Hao on the chessboard of nightmare. Later, Chang Hao Chunlan and Samsung accumulate steadily, in the cup final twice defeated Li Changgao, reversing the decline. But after that Chang Hao and Li Changgao play or win less negative. In 2016 two people have three times in the game against Chang Hao in a losing streak. Yesterday afternoon, Chang Hao defeated 20 years did not win the bitter hand Yoda Norimoto, and today this "counter attack" momentum. Chinese national chess team leader Hua Xueming as today’s match referee, announced the start, the two sides first guess, Li Changgao zhihei first. Both sides start probing each other, not too fierce battle, each hold the line and stalemate situation. On the left side of the battle of white wearing black, good mood. Two people with not much difference between, almost at the same time into 30 seconds countdown step. At this time the focus of the game is a bunch of pieces of central black one I do not know that potential or weak chess. In spite of all the actual combat black thin taste, forcibly broken white space on the right. Chang Hao caught the black onslaught, the upper right corner of a flaw, a robbery. The global strong play white power, black robbery, Li Changgao dices reluctantly recognizes negative. Chang Hao won the Ming Shan cup champion, this is his second time to win this award. The moon mountain Cup invitational champion Chang Hao Chinese go and get 150 thousand yuan bonus 100 thousand yuan, South Korea Li Changgao runner up, second runner up Japan Yoda Norimoto 50 thousand yuan. Previous Ming Shan cup top three: the first Chang Hao, Cao Xunxuan, the second session of the, he and his wife, and then, and so on, and so on, he was the first of the sessions of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, in which he was the first president of the world. The first of the相关的主题文章: