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Chen Xiao: when the father is a little nervous Michelle Chen good state, Chen Xiao (Figure), the first appearance of the head of Tencent entertainment news (Wen Zhou Chen) in November 1st, appeared in Beijing to attend a fashion brand party in. Just come back from the crew Chen Xiao said with a smile he has been back to Beijing is not suitable, "to see so many days in the Loess and grass in the crew, suddenly feel very trance fashion events." As a father, Chen Xiao was also asked about the topic of his wife Michelle Chen, he revealed that his condition is good, but some of their tension. He also said that the baby’s name has not yet been determined. The same day, Chen Xiao with the brand show theme, with a warm coat dress appearance. In the activity, father Chen Xiao mood is quite good, the requirements for fans to photo, hug to send non-stop, attracted to the scene screaming. Asked whether life is warm man, Chen Xiao responded that he did not know whether it meets the warm men’s standards, but I hope to take care of others, a little better." The media asked Michelle Chen pregnant in the current situation, Chen Xiaoze smile sweet, outspoken wife in good condition. But he also said that he did not see the baby, but also feel less than when the father’s mood, but I will be nervous". As for the baby’s name, he said there is no good. It is reported that Chen Xiaogang from "that bloom on a perfect circle" crew to head shape is quite conspicuous. Mention of the cooperation with Sun Li Chen Xiao praising each other very easygoing, "she is also very willing to communicate with people, in a very short". Mention the role of the play, also said he can’t say much, but when his own speech is very excited, "the end of the story is beyond all expectations and previous roles, roles are not the same completely, the director is also specially for me to play, because of the contrast." Finally, when it comes to next year’s work plan, Chen Xiao said that it would continue to busy down, but because when Dad, will carefully coordinate the schedule, "did not pay much attention, now two aspects of work and family care as much as possible."相关的主题文章: