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"China relation" leaves Yiyun staged "Uncle hit kill" Chinese type _02 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "China relation" Tencent entertainment news by Shen Yan, directed by Liu Haibo, Ma Yili, Zhao Lixin and Chen Jianbin together, Ye Yiyun and other powerful actors TV series "reality theme Chinese relation" yesterday, the Oriental TV broadcast on Beijing tv. In the play, a frustrated officials of the ups and downs of life as the main line, tells the story of the people did not dare to face the life story, with black humor in humorous child heart, also realize the origin of human nature. The play, Yuri Huang played Yiyun Huo leaves a strong woman looks unassuming, Lolita fan heart, good heart, brave pursuit of love she is representative of the positive energy, turned "Uncle kill", Chen Jianbin’s pursuit of Ma Guoliang, staged a "fell in love"! The drama turned the hand piece Lolita fan children into funny drama play strong woman reality "China relation" in comedy through the in-depth analysis of officialdom, the workplace, and shopping malls in the relationship between the characters, plot like child actor and leaf Yiyun intertwined, uncle Chen Jianbin’s frequent sub segment Penfan, success story for the film buffer. Ye Yiyun, played by Yuri Huang Huo beautiful appearance, many suitors but love "Uncle" Ma Guoliang, is a character and bright girl. As a work of "small actors", Huo Yuri Huang has a lovely "Lolita fan children", and has a strong "strong woman heart", is a person to carry one family life as the only family, is a mainstay of the economy, the leaves will also Yiyun a Lolita girl in the heart sadness and show strong one by one. Take the role of Ye Yiyun and the old play bone challenge "female fine points" China type relations "set a number of Chinese has character relationship, for acting is very demanding, leaf Yiyun character is a multiple personality, lack of inner sense of security she was warm heart uncle attract second Lolita, and for blind pursuit of the two generation of the rich playboy, she is holding a Book of literary young women, can also play in the bar HIGH. The life of Ye Yiyun is a sentimental man, she can love animal and tiger with Tibetan mastiff box, and as a lamb maternal hair! Can the night biking drift falls, can also be a man eating tiger incident mother launched a sound of sympathy. Ye Yiyun was in the movie "lovelorn 33 days", "everything is good", the TV series "you are my lover", "want to understand the marriage again", "Interpol captain" and many other film and television works have had a good performance. The challenge of female fine points is also a test of her acting. She used his strength to easily walk in every role, in order to be able to play every role well, leaves Yiyun often enjoy the journey of life, their precipitation in life, only for each character into the soul of the characterization!相关的主题文章: