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"Chen Jianbin Ma Yili:" Chinese relationship ten years after the cooperation   the plot is very realistic – Culture – realism drama screen missing September 7th, Oriental TV finally came a realistic drama "relationship" Chinese humor, the play tells is the social characteristics in our country, it is to Chen Jianbin plays Ma Guoliang suddenly encountered difficulties in life, a variety of relationship caused by the "restructuring", with the cold humor into the sensitive areas of human society Chinese. The play by the famous director Shen Yan, Liu Haibo, Ma Yili, Chen Jianbin co directed, Zhao Lixin, Hu He, Dai Xu, Li Yeping, ye Yiyun, Tian Xiaojie and starring. "China relation" and "China humor" China type relationship "tells the story of a middle-aged, satisfactory career within the system of official Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin ornaments) suffered a series of wife derailment, the resignation of a series of setbacks, lose their jobs, starting from zero through the work, retrieve the self humorous stories. The heroine Jiang Yinan (Ma Yili ornaments) is a popular overseas education grown female returnees, first faced Ma Guoliang, although she prides itself on life, but then also lost the marriage, career and ideal, experience a variety of Chinese unique secular people, two people from incompatible, struggle and cooperation to go true hearts and emotion understanding. This is Ma Yili and Chen Jianbin after ten years ago, "Joe courtyard" after work together again. "Chinese type relationship" theme and story, seemingly stern reality, but it is the "style" cold humor, comedy style. Director Shen Yan believes that "China relation" can also be called "China humor", they said, "in the China work requires a lot of relationship, family relationship, working relationship, friends and so on, many of which are indistinct, but in the play as there is a sense of joy." Which is a large number of elements of comedy in Chen Jianbin’s Ma Guoliang, he often say laughing to poker-faced lines, really make people laugh. Chen Jianbin boss Chen Jianbin to subvert the image when funny, I am afraid that the audience will immediately think of "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in the solemn expression of the emperor, and in the "China relation", the audience will see a rare Chen Jianbin "hippies". He cold humor, light comedy, vividly starred in a sudden official events, home system entrepreneurial middle-aged uncle. Once the official all-powerful him, but went to the sauna room business, drink a little wine to accompany playing mahjong, also didn’t get things done; the so-called "love easily", but saw his wife (Hu Keshi) had an affair, furious. A series of embarrassing bad things, make Ma Guoliang’s comedy image true to life. For a long time did not take the urban theme drama Chen Jianbin, the ability to play the "Chinese style", because he found the resonance in the protagonist "Ma Guoliang", which is the most impressed him. He said, "we often feel middle-aged, everything changed, but this is not the case, sometimes life can start from any one point in time, to find the courage to live, this is what I have been thinking about the problem." As a business partner of Ma Guoliang相关的主题文章: