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Chinese visitors in the United States are open traffic tickets with or without affecting the next entry – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 23 September, according to the U.S. "newspaper" reported that the California Monterey Park (Montreal) traffic police law enforcement in a period of time for jaywalking continuously make hundreds of Chinese residents poached blood, which including some tourists from mainland China tour. A lot of people through a variety of ways to contact the media, want to know if the ticket back to Chinese leave aside, what will be the result? Or even pay a ticket, the next time you come back to the United States will not affect the entry because of the ticket? In this regard, Losangeles Chinese lawyer Deng Hong explained that the provisions of the 21955th paragraph of the California automobile management regulations, pedestrians in the traffic lights between sections shall not cross the aisle, unless there is a zebra crossing. Every year the Losangeles intensive Chinese city, such as San Gabriel, Mongolia, Alhambra, there are many pedestrians because they do not comply with traffic regulations, jaywalking and being killed or injured, the police had to take two actions in order to reduce the incidence of accidents: one is to randomly across the road pedestrian ticket is two. Let plainclothes police pretend to pedestrians crossing the road on the zebra crossing, some do not give way to pedestrians vehicle ticket. "A lot of Chinese tourists cross the road because they don’t know the traffic rules in California, and they get tickets. Some local residents and tourists to think he is ignored, that the laws of the United States not to China, but I just walk away? Some tourists eager to return home, can not wait until the court accepted the date of the ticket, and then directly returned." Deng Hong pointed out that if in the Losangeles area was opened "jaywalking" ticket, a fine of about $250, paying a fine and will not have a criminal record or DMV points. However, if you do not pay the ticket, the court will take two methods to deal with: 1, for local residents, the court will be fine to debt collection, debt collection company will ask DMV to suspend your driver’s license, until you pay a gold. 2, to China tourists, the judge will "contempt of court" and issued a warrant for personal information will be recorded in NCIC China visitors (National Crime Information Center) computer system, tourists again apply to the United States or adjust the identity will be greatly affected. Even after the revocation of the warrant to hire a lawyer, but it is still possible for "contempt of court" misdemeanor record entry effect. Therefore, the best way is not to cross the road. Unfortunately, if the violation ticket, must be timely treatment; if not eager to return to the United States, hire lawyers, so as not to leave a bad record. (Gao Rui)相关的主题文章: