Chongqing, a university set up a Property Center for college students to clean the campus ca1290

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Chongqing, a university set up a Property Center College Students in Chongqing School of Engineering hygiene clean school students are cleaning the campus lawn waste. Newspaper reporter Xu Huiyi yesterday at noon to eat lunch, Zou Dongcai did not return to the bedroom, but came to the front of the teaching building is responsible for cleaning the lawn area, began to pull weeds. From the beginning of last semester, Chongqing Engineering College dismissed most of the cleaning staff, the teaching of health building, academic buildings, lawn outside the non motorized road cleaning contract to the students, and to give priority to children from poor families. Most of the school is responsible for cleaning Zou Dongcai is the Chongqing Institute of electronic engineering, School of electronic information engineering professional junior students, this semester, he contracted a lawn next to the teaching building. Zou Dongcai stooped, squat, carefully clean the litter the lawn weed. At the beginning, he was also out of weeds over the long dry mouth, but for a long time, he more handy. In addition, we must pay attention to the corner littered with waste paper, plastic bags and other debris. In Chongqing Institute of engineering, about 400 students contracted the school cleaning work. They are affiliated with the Huaxi property service center, the center from the formation to operation, all by the students to complete. At present, in addition to the motor vehicle lane cleaning and some heavy load of garbage handling, most of the school clean-up work undertaken by the center. The service center of the company operation, set up manager, director, director, into the center of the students, after the declaration, a 15 day trial period, after passing probation training. "The probation period will have a certain elimination rate." Zou Dongcai said the probation period mainly examines the attitude of students towards work. In the center, the "employee" basic wage is 300 yuan, if you work hard, there may be promoted to group leaders, ministers and other leadership positions. How to clean the door is also a knowledge of the software engineering professional Li Mei is one of the center of the minister, she and the Department of "employees" together with some of the classroom cleaning. Before at home, really did not do too clean, after joining the center, everything must be carefully to learn." Li Mei said that even as a minister, he is designated a clean area. Their wages are higher than the simple staff, the basic wage + management wages, can receive 600 yuan per month. Do not underestimate the management of this link. As secretary Zou Dongcai said with a smile, their department classmates posts a day when must punch. We use a watermark camera, at noon to clean up, to self upload 3 photos, including cleaning before and after cleaning, each photo above have time to identify." After the students have done cleaning, the minister or the team members do not regularly patrol. At the same time, the service center has also set up a special inspection departments and complaints channels. Some of the toilets in the school are also contracted by students, wages are higher than cleaning the classroom. The student Chen said, cleaning toilets dirty and tired, but he is a kind of temper. Enhance the sense of social responsibility of the service center for the whole school recruitment, but will give priority to poor students, of which 9 or more students from poor families. "By the students in the school contract cleaning, the effect is getting better and better, at least clean degree than before to improve相关的主题文章: