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CNN fired a commentator called the BianTi original title to Hilary, Hilary declared yesterday to leak fired commentator (CNN) CNN in October 31st announced the lifting of the commentator Donna brazier of the contract, the reason is the mail WikiLeaks exposure showed that the interim chairman of the Democratic National Committee in March this year, presidential candidate debate to leak Hilary in the party primaries debate. WikiLeaks open an e-mail earlier in the day, according to CNN on March 13th in Flint, Michigan, held a preliminary debate on the day before the brazier mail to the Hilary campaign manager John Podesta and media affairs director Jennifer Parr Meyer. Flint is suffering from lead pollution crisis. Brazier said in an e-mail, there will be a rash of women to ask questions to her, and her family and lead poisoning, will ask Hilary if elected to do for the people of the people of Flint, Hilary. On the second day, there was a woman who said she and her family had skin diseases, but that was another question. In the same message, Brazier seems to be suggesting that someone will ask Hilary Te about the death penalty. Brazier said in the message she "can often get questions ahead", promised to continue to "stay". CNN stressed that Brazier has never been aware of the debate in advance to ask questions, prepare materials, guest lists and other information rights. Brazier is a veteran of the Democratic Party election strategy division, served as a commentator on CNN, in late July of this year was invited as interim chairman of the Democratic National Committee, no longer serve as a commentator. While the former chairman Debbie Wasserman Shure resigned because Wikileaks has exposed a number of internal mail display, intended to discredit Hilary senior Democratic primary opponent Bernie Saunders. The same day Brazier did not respond to "releases the topic", but in the micro blog post for CNN and colleagues. According to Xinhua news agency editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: