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Count the price of stamps: the confusion between the enemy post to millions of real estate network   Angel culture industry today and snicker more attention, which is in the development of stamps after years of silence, from behind the stage, like a raging fire from a small layer development, not only in the collection industry, even in the field of investment has opened a new battlefield. A lot of outsiders may not be interested in this, but if you know that some stamps can be changed at any price in Beijing, you can still sit down? In the collection area, there are a handful of children of the collections, the price really is to make people sucking. Dragon stamp "I want you to be the dragon." This is a dialogue in the mountain of a piece of stamps. It was in 1878, the Qing government customs pilot postal company issued China stamps first, also known as the Dragon stamp. This is China in the history of the first stamp, then the stamps issued a total of about 1 million sets, since ancient times, its price as can be imagined. In small series, this stamp is a symbol of ancient Chinese and modern Chinese convergence and symbol. The collection of stamps in the field of price rises is amazing, a set of stamps has made a price of $5 million 610 thousand, and a full set of stamps is as high as 20 million yuan. In 2008, the guardian spring auction, dragon three stamps, the top 53 million 760 thousand yuan price. Red stamps in 1897, the Shanghai customs statistical department will be stored in the printed unused red 3 printed with "Qing Dynasty Post pretty Polly," and "temporary albata" and other words, temporary use of stamps, is China’s first "alternative stamps". The red stamp stamp substitute a total of 8 in the stamp collectors in the market for the stamp of different types, different versions of the value judgment has a lot to say, but when the 1 yuan ticket with singular words is the most rare. According to the study of collectors for many years, so far there is evidence to exist only 31 pieces, has repeatedly set a new record of international post auction, known as "the post king", 2006 Chinese Guardian spring auction, a small red stamp affixed to 2 million 420 thousand yuan price to turn round. The Lan Junyou post for stamp color brush named "blue, blue military stamps stuck in commonly known as the blue army postal service. The stamp was issued in 1953 and is for the use of stamps only. All has 3 stamps, par (Brit) are RMB 800 yuan, the Chinese patterns are the people’s Liberation Army emblem, only the background color were orange, brown, blue, representing the land, sea and air forces. The stamp is scheduled for August 1, 1953 holiday for China army, the people’s Liberation Army officers and soldiers to use. To stop the use of military secrets to prevent leaks. Later, the Army decided by the remaining part were destroyed, but in the hands of the individual soldiers posted with stamps is still in use. But the three stamps are out, the "blue post" printed later, surviving at least, so very precious. In 1994, a single "blue post" have a price of $800 thousand, while in the ninety-ninth Chinese stamp exhibition, a four of the blue army postal service was sold to 3 million 400 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: