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Cruz: can not lose more enjoyment than winning an Kuznetsova sina sports news Beijing on October 29th news, Kuzva failed to seize the opportunity of the decider lead 4-2, after which she even lost 4 innings was reversed opponent finals magic tour was the end. The race in a row, and 4 games in Singapore are being dragged into the physical decider, the largest short board Russian girl, but she does not want to use it as an excuse, and praised the opponent play more aggressive, the overall performance is better than her. "Domi played very aggressive, I didn’t get the chance to lead, and when 4-2 was in the lead, it was a problem." Kuzva said to the annoyance. "I had the chance to win the game, the final stage was not very good, and I was a bit emotional today." And then she added. Of course, Kuzva did not put the physical loss as an excuse, she generously praised the opponent’s play. "I don’t know, just for the spirit to victory. I’m not gonna use strength as an excuse. I’ve tried my best." Although the game lost, but Kuzva can come to Singapore is a small miracle. "It’s hard to look back at the game of the past, and I’m full of it. I played a lot of games, it was a little more than I imagined. It’s a perfect way to end up and be proud of your efforts. I’m a little depressed, maybe some places are not enough. In general, Domenicali played very well, very aggressive. The final stage, I played better than her." After the finals breakthrough, Kuzva admitted that now enjoy the game. "The off-season, my knees, dog, good friends are very happy. All the effort during the game is to win the game. Winning will make you happy, but the same is true when you try to practice tennis. This year I saw an interview with Roger, he said, "why do the media like to put pressure on the players, in fact, many people just like playing tennis?". I didn’t enjoy the game, I just like the feeling of winning. Now I have changed." Finally, Kuzva talked about her offseason plan. "Last year I only have 5 days off, I think a few more days this year. Especially after the finals this year, there will be no more games. I will go home for a week, I haven’t thought about where to go on holiday, but I’ve been preparing for it all the time."相关的主题文章: