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Arts-and-Entertainment If youve shopped in Asda or Tesco, you will probably recognise Daves Gourmet Sauces. You may even have been brave enough to taste the award-winning, and aptly named, Insanity Sauce that made the Daves brand so infamous when it was crowned Hottest Sauce in The World during the nineties and became the only sauce to ever be banned from the National Fiery Food Show. The Daves brand is not just about insanely hot sauces. Although you wont find all of his sauces on the supermarket shelves, you can buy them at The Devils Garden. In fact, we have an array of speciality sauces from Daves Gourmet range that contain fresh ingredients and simply ooze unique scents and flavours. In the medium-hot range of sauces is Ginger and Peach, its a sweet sauce of medium heat thats very fruity making it a great .pliment to chicken, fish, pork or even lamb. Daves Jammin Jerk is so mild youll be checking the ingredients to make sure there really is Habanero peppers in the bottle. Its a fusion of seasonings with a Jamaican twist that add up to a great meat marinade or for use as a table sauce at your next BBQs. Up the hotter end of the scale we have Hurtin Jalapeno and Hurtin Habanero, whose names really do speak for themselves! Another favourite is Crazy Caribbean is a zesty hot sauce with tropical vegetables and Rican Red Habanero; add a dash to soups, noodles or rice recipes to spice up your food. For red meats and tomato based sauces we highly re.mend Daves Roasted Red Pepper and Chipotle sauce or, for a more traditional hot sauce we also stock Daves Scotch Bon. Hot Sauce which will add heat and fragrance to any dish. With such a huge variety of flavours to choose from, there is pretty much a Daves sauce to suit every palette. But you wont find these speciality sauces on the supermarket shelves; it will take a visit to The Devils Garden if you wish to honour your pantry cupboard with their presence… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: