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"Desolate soul room" scheduled December 9th for the first time Zhang Yishan thriller SHOW- Sohu entertainment "desolate soul room" December 9th Zhang Yishan debut thriller directed by Sohu entertainment news recently, the young director Liu Shuqiao, Zhang Yishan, Su Xiaoming, Sun Yan, Fu starred in the suspense thriller "desolate soul room" the first release of fixed gear posters, the film will be officially announced December 9th National release. The poster, Zhang Yishan and Fu in the quiet forest in gold look frightened and dignified, distant villa seemed partly hidden and partly visible hidden secrets not to be divulged. It is reported that the film is the strength of the new generation of actors Zhang Yishan "more than" after the first crime suspense thriller works appeared on the big screen, the joint crime of "psychological" "pay two sin BOSS ends meet, but also to many viewers and fans highly anticipated. Fixed gear posters "bright hanging fear" Zhang Yishan thriller debut "boudoir mystery" from the film to explore the exposure of the poster, bright colors, exquisite fusion composition and horror elements intertwined, constitute a beautiful picture of Horror: mainly in blue color, with scattered petals of blood, a thriller accustomed to the dark bloody, screen, clear and bright, but when the vision falls in gloomy picture of the central villa and distance free light, and a strange atmosphere of terror was oncoming, silhouetted against the actress Zhang Yishan and pay the gold panic nervous eyes, seems to be showing a certain unknown things to come. It is reported that the film tells the story of a place in the villa in the story of the ups and downs, fusion works suspense thriller and action, affection, love and other elements. Zhang Yishan with sister pay gold play heroine "two crimes BOSS" to spy "desolate soul room" the same master and screen shock whirlwind acting Zhang Yishan with "Yu sin" in excellent acting powder absorbing many, has become a popular and powerful new generation of niche representative. In the film "desolate soul room", the incarnation of Zhang Yishan base by handsome undercover crazy cool handsome "detective", to find his girlfriend into a whirling "desolate soul puzzle"; and the main female star in the film is in the "psychological" crime in good performance for gold. At the same time, Zhang Yishan, was also paid out of the same door of the brother and sister, when asked whether there is pressure acting on, brother Zhang Yishan humor reply "big brother not bully the younger sister". The movie "and" capture the spirit room, the "two sins" of male and female starring, quite interesting. It is understood that this is the first big screen featuring Zhang Yishan thriller, when it comes to choosing actor standard, the director quipped "believe in a mountain to take the lead, the completion of a new role to play in fact hitherto unknown, from psychology, drama can be said that a mountain performance beyond my expectations." When asked why Zhang Yishan starred in "desolate soul room" when Zhang Yishan said the script is attracted to their own, "the script is not the same, very love, hope that through different roles, bring people more different feelings". In the movie "Zhang Yishan" in the spirit room and continue to challenge myself through a lot for the first time, hope works can bring us more surprise. The movie "desolate soul room" will be held in December 9, 2016 in full.相关的主题文章: