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Home-Securtiy Before I discuss diversion safes, lets discuss eight mintues. Whether the economy is bad or good criminals are still criminals. There are studies that say most burglars stay in a home eight minutes. You would think eight minutes is not a long time, but reality is it is forever. That is long enough to take your jewelry, cash in your drawer, tv’s, watches, game consoles, and that firproof safe in your closet. Eight minutes can determine whether crooks find your valuables and walk out a few hundred dollars richer on your expense. This eight minutes crook go to the usual hiding place but wait not the diversion safe. You thought that by hiding your jewelry box on the top shelf of your closet was genius think again. See we the non criminal spend our time working real jobs. The burglar spends his time breaking into homes and stealing what is not theirs. They take anything they can pawn or sell on the street. This is their job, their career, and who better to know the good hiding spots? The career criminal. They basically have the training to know where all the good hiding spots are. Lets think of some, under the mattress, in the drawer covered with underwear or socks, on the top shelf of the closet, or how about under the dresser in a box. Then there are the plain site hiding spots, I meant the jewelry box, the lock box, and even small safes in the closet. If you can carry the safe out of the department store, so can the crook. So what is the diversion safe? The diversion safe is an item that looks like regular house hold items. In that item is your money, watches, important documents, valuable jewlery, etc. etc. So what makes a diversion safe better than an empty soda can? Well the diversion safe is made to look like regular house hold items, feel like regular house hold items and even weigh the same. The diversion safes open differently, it is made to look real. If you glance at a dog food can diversion safe you see a can of dog food. The same with the Ajax Diversion safe, the Aqua . hair spray diversion safe, JB Engine Degreaser Diversion Safe, the Jar of Peanut Butter, or even the Dr Pepper Can Diversion Safe, they all look unused house hold products. You need to put on your jewelry for the night out, you go to the linen closet grab the scotch guard and take your jewelry out and put it on. Yes there is a scotch guard diversion safe. Do you see criminal spend eight minutes and less on your home grabbing valuables. They dont have time to look at every item you have to see if it is a diversion safe. So as they are running around your house looking for whatever is laying around or hidden in their favorite spot they run past the wall outlet diversion safe that has all your valuable jewelry in, extra emergency credit cards, or that rainy day spending money. Diversion Safes are a clever way to hide your valuables in plain site, what the criminal thinks is a wall thermometer is really a diversion safe. If you learn to out wit the burglar then you will walk away with your valuables not the burglar. The best part is the most expensive diversion safe is 30 bucks, that is a flower pot diversion safe, put your favorite fern, or bugonia in it. No one will be the wiser. Diversion safes are the cheap alternative to keeping your valuables hidden. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: