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Do you really know what to do? – Sohu Health recently launched a new technology for the early diagnosis of cancer, known as "drip urine cancer". This test fly it? Regular hospital has not carried out? Will not be false? In fact, the so-called "drop test cancer", but is the content of urine of tryptophan and tyrosine, in order to screening and diagnosis of cancer. According to the advertisement, as long as 3 ml of urine, spend a few hundred dollars, you can operate at home, you can get results in 3 minutes. This can kill the hospital is now the gold standard for the diagnosis of cancer – pathological examination. Traditional pathological examination, to undergo surgery, slicing, but also to wait for several days, the price is more than these. Zhejiang hospital director of chief physician Liu Xinge said, before the so-called "blood test" cancer "saliva check cancer", and now "drops of urine test cancer", this wave of "rumor", its essence is the same, but is caught people’s psychological fear of cancer. ?? Drop urine, blood test cancer, what is the test? In fact, these cancer detection methods, but the detection of tumor markers, and even some indicators, even tumor markers are not. Neither has been recognized by the majority of experts, there is no sufficient evidence to support the study, but it is the opportunity to promote the business and hype, with the concept of tall flicker unknown people. Although some simple and effective techniques are being developed, they have not been formally applied to clinical practice. Tumor markers alone do not rely on the so-called tumor markers, refers to the growth and proliferation of tumor cells in the process of production or secretion of a class of substances collectively. The detection of tumor markers is helpful to distinguish the benign and malignant tumor and evaluate the curative effect of tumor treatment. Only partially rely on tumor markers, blood count (urine) cancer test ", or even" a drop of blood (urine) detection of various cancers are not reliable, and even can be said to be dangerous. ?? Elevated tumor markers not necessarily cancer first, different malignant tumors, the expression of tumor markers. For example, AFP (AFP), PSA (prostate specific antigen), CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) corresponding to different malignant tumors. Secondly, not all cancer patients have specific tumor markers, there is a problem of sensitivity. For example, AFP is one of the tumor markers with high sensitivity and specificity, but its sensitivity to primary liver cancer is only about 70%. Third, only the increase of tumor markers, does not mean that has been suffering from malignant tumors, many benign diseases and physiological activities also cause some tumor markers higher than the normal reference value. Therefore, in general, these tumor markers are not suitable for the screening of tumor in the general population, but not as the gold standard for tumor diagnosis. Pathological diagnosis is the only means and gold standard for the diagnosis of malignant tumors. For example, rectal cancer, the most reliable hospital相关的主题文章: