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Do you still buy the game? Look forward to the future of the game store, and now most of our wonderful game time is spent in the virtual space, so those who sell the game gradually overlooked by the physical store. We are the consumers of their own shops like the owner of the shop, but how long this bleak situation? GAME like game retailers need not simple innovation, but a big shake up thoroughly, and to learn some tricks from Apple. How did it get so bad? Perhaps the main reason is that most of the game industry is no longer interested in the store. This is a CD game no matter no ground for blame, ordered by Amazon, Shopto and other sites, or directly buy digital version, and a intravenous injection as easily, we can use the saved money in buying Steam tons of games. Convenience has been able to stifle innovation in the cradle. In a GAME store in Liz we take the GAME UK retailer game for example, if you dare to walk into a GAME store in the front, through the "Disney" and the infinite "Skylanders" doll, you immediately into a deserted area, when you start browsing the shelves the price is top to the game suggested retail price when the clerk a smattering of sight were turned on you. GAME purple signs along with the decline of the game store, and gradually become the city of the landscape of an element. "The game industry is an evolving organism, just as all technologies are directed to the industry." GAME company CEO Martin Gibbs (Martyn Gibbs) explained in an 2013 article, "the current changes in the industry so that we need to do some very different solutions…… Those more flexible gaming platforms are changing the rules of the industry." That a set of Mandarin, Gibbs really pointed out some constructive suggestions about how to fill a gap between industry business model and the needs of the old game player gully. This is indeed a pity, but why do I care so much about the game store something good? Lest you say my opinion narrow-minded, but GAME and its peers are now the situation is not bad in the miserable want where to go. However, imagine that the existence of these physical space is very important. Of course, we now have a variety of games to browse and search on the Steam, which is a good platform to support independent games. But looking back, I was young in a GAME shop shelves noticed a box of big ugly "Baldur’s gate", this moment is so important, can be said to determine the location in the field of game I. In the 00 century, a game full of shops in switzerland. This one seems stupid but also a little shy child is in the Games Workshop with like-minded partners, they let me know there are.相关的主题文章: