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DOTA new indicator R God real strength in the end is not the most food? Wen @Dota2_ what he learned from the knowledge of micro-blog @Dota2_ an analysis of the article, with the data to resolve some of the domestic version of the new version of the number three to play, to prove that I am not the most delicious R god! Sean DOTA has many mysteries: how much is the Tao Geqie leg frequency? Saiyan a game with a few packets of tissues? What time MU God CD can pick up? And friends who are most interested in water is probably the real strength of the old captain. After all, who is the most food – DK era of the old captain of a single popular seven even after the delivery, the majority of friends think that the water can be found in the circle of DOTA Sphinx riddle answer. Is he! It is him! Old captain XB is the most vegetables! Later, the emperor in response to public opinion, to play XB qingjunce, the Milky Way warships set sail. Who knows the play after the old captain suddenly shows up, TI4 personally send my emperor return of aircraft, the king! It is also proved that the friends of the water face is used to smoke… The old captain suddenly became the real strength of whirling water friends have changed, the idea that the old captain actually still good. However, it has been said before, the water friend’s face is used to smoke. DAC surgeon and other old tidal All is void, the newest BG. TI5 once again a price reversal, the old addict double bird is sent directly to the lineup in a secret group of losers (Figure.Jpg 71 expression), Key Arena all shouting EHOME, water friends even think the old captain Sean DOTA was the true messiah. Then is to burn the familiar LGD crash, the expedition failed, R& B ti6, the old captain left behind tears that went out of VG. But the water friends have panicked when he recalls, was hit in the face, they dare not assert your old dish is the most. In order to solve the riddle of the century, our team analyzed occupation video game all R God after the 6.87 version, the use of "lethal control" and a series of new index, R God and Sean the remaining three comparing (all by peer village.). It is time to give the majority of water friends a statement! After the 6.87 version, R God made a total of 71 professional games. In 71 games, 26 games r operation (17, tidal All is void) vanity (little not empty), 10 big fish (see you one), 8 Black Xian (three unique skills: black rabbit, Xian, DS), 2 (who pull the bat? Talk! 2 (BM, I asked you what?) The 2 end of the day (the chariot of fire), the bull, the calf, the Almighty, the woodcutter. Alone from the hero pool, the traditional control of the three bit play more. Let’s start with the tides. R God 26 tides: each person’s head lethal damage 159 points, each person’s head lethal control for 0.54 seconds, belong to the middle and lower level, is not the most food! The current version of the three bit or to control the output of the main part, so the chart is based on the output of the control index. Each person’s head death damage 159 points: the enemy each killed a hero, on average by R God from the damage of the 159.相关的主题文章: