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Dou Xiao Africa trip ending extreme photography too shocking Sina entertainment news Tanzania time on November 3rd, Dou Xiao [micro-blog] for a period of 11 days of the end of the trip to Kilimanjaro, officially announced the return. The ultimate kiss of blood and natural, although the risk of less than two weeks, has been fruitful. After hiking and climbing, the success of the summit at an altitude of 5895 meters, the highest peak in Africa — Uhuru Gatti Salem; more drive to the prairie, and wild animal have zero distance to the field party". For Dou Xiao, the exploration never stops, his outdoor territory is expanding. The summit of Kilimanjaro Dou Xiao chose the most difficult "whiskey route", people will know it with outdoor "lie" in where, when the most beautiful and most dangerous coexistence, climbers need is courage. Local time on October 30th, zero to get up, in extremely cold winds, water bottles are frozen into the ice conditions, the whole climb more than 12 hours. Wait for the communication, the exciting news came, Dou Xiao successfully climbed! And the state is very good. The biggest goal of this trip, and did not let the team immersed in cheers. But on the second day, Dou Xiao non-stop drive to the depths of the Serengeti grasslands, to near wild animal migration. If we say that mountaineering is to make people feel the awe of nature, then face to face with animals, like the witness of the vitality of nature. It is hard to imagine, when the leopard, giraffe, zebra, buffalo at the same time in front of, is how to surprise to a loss. Dou Xiao was excited to participate in the carnival of the animals, but also the embodiment of the photographer, with the camera lens recorded spectacular, warm, charming every scene. The new friends of the site, let them walk freely, Dou Xiao micro-blog also jokingly wrote: "nearly 5 meters from the elegant across the huge monster," before me, the love of the animal are visible. Learn to heal and renew the power from nature, Dou Xiao as a practitioner has been challenged, and believe: "you really lose, but you really won a lifetime!" The annual outdoor filming, two not mistake him, climbing back will also be put into new works in the creation of a new state. (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: