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The shoulder activity reduced easily lead to periarthritis of shoulder now with the social division of labor is getting smaller, a lot of occupation have some special work flow (laocai medical guide WeChat: laocaidy) to give the special part of periarthritis of shoulder to infringe people’s health, in order to let everyone for a more understanding of prevention of periarthritis of shoulder, I understand under the periarthritis of shoulder. Periarthritis of shoulder have what effect to the body? And the distribution of muscle. The distribution of rich shoulder muscles, and more concentrated in the muscle around the shoulder joint stress, forming a cap sleeve, such as attachment points for coracoid short head of the biceps, coracobrachialis muscle and pectoralis minor muscle, greater tuberosity of humerus for subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor check point this, these sites are vulnerable to the strong force, tear or cumulative fatigue damage and degeneration, eventually leading to aseptic inflammation. Relating to the nature of joint function. The shoulder joint movement is flexible, the movement scope is big and frequently, in the daily life and the work, the coordinated movement. For example, face, hair, brush writing, lifting and heavy lifting, shoulder soft tissue under the weight of the main. When writing, on the surface, the shoulder arm activity is not obvious, but the actual shoulder muscles still bear different stretching, rotation and other coordinated movement. These endless frequent movement, it will inevitably lead to shoulder soft tissue injury or degeneration strain, etc., will ultimately produce aseptic inflammation. What are the risk factors of periarthritis of shoulder? 1, age factors. Periarthritis of shoulder occurs in the middle-aged man about 50 years old, and mostly women. This is the age of female menopause, male menopause is also close to this. Menopause is due to the decline in sex hormone levels caused by systemic disorders, and lead to a variety of physiological and biochemical changes in the body, and this change in women is more significant. Studies have found that some of the hormone replacement therapy of periarthritis of shoulder were cured. The study also demonstrated that periarthritis and proteoglycan composition change on. The changes of proteoglycan can cause secondary aseptic validation around growth and joint osteophytes, causing ligament, tendon degeneration, adhesion and calcification caused pain and dysfunction. The changes of the composition and metabolism of proteoglycan were most obvious at the age of 50. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is called the fifty shoulder. 2, the wind cold dampness invasion. Because of the special position of the shoulder, it is hard to keep warm when sleeping. So repeatedly feel the "cold" evil, blood circulation disorder caused by local tissue and abnormal tissue metabolism, resulting in the soft tissue around the shoulder joint aseptic inflammation and tissue adhesion, eventually lead to shoulder pain and dysfunction. So in traditional Chinese medicine will be called frozen shoulder periarthritis. 3, anatomical factors. The shoulder joint structure is complex and flexible, and it is easy to damage. Especially the coracohumeral gap exists in front of shoulders, when the internal rotation of the humerus when the coracohumeral gap narrowed, soft tissue clearance compression, such as the duration is too long, can appear to cause tissue ischemic changes, aseptic inflammation, leading to pain and secondary protective muscle spasm, and cause vicious spiral, eventually make the local soft tissue degeneration and necrosis. The etiology is the most prone to sleep in the side. In addition, the supraspinatus muscle was almost 90.相关的主题文章: