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Eleven long vacation which program can let you lock the screen? Beijing – follow the holiday period, the colorful variety show is screen dishes, from CCTV to the Taiwan TV program is rich, the audience can bring together each one takes what he needs. CCTV arts channel during the national day will continue to launch the brand program "national day seven days", in addition, the "variety joy meeting" launched the "joy show", and "I want to show", "6+1", "happiness", "Yuezhanyueyong Zhang" and other columns, are pushed to celebrate the special program. "The 2016 day drama Party — Beautiful pear", "Qing Sheng The scenery is like a picture." — 2016 National Symphony Concert "in opera, music channel debut. Opera channel "CCTV" air theatre 4 live show, taped to a Peking Opera Concert; music channel broadcast 7 National Day special program, the October 2nd broadcast of "global Chinese Music List" "eleven" special program "sing for the motherland", from October 3rd to 7, broadcast music channel National Day special program "and I my motherland". Last year the high popularity of "impossible" program challenges the second season during the national day of launch, in addition to Lee Hom instead of Emil Chau as a mentor, keep the rest of the original cast. Lee Hom and Li Changyu and Sa Beining formed a "TZ (challenge) BOYS, a loudspeaker popular idol group TFBOYS. During the recording of the program, Lee Hom is full of curiosity, willing to participate in the interaction of various projects and hope to participate in the process of challenge. This move not only enhances the program’s sense of substitution, perfectly fit the spirit of the show. Each TV variety show main entertainment. October 2nd Oriental TV comedy show "ace" The Legendary Swordsman third season Sunday night in the final rematch. First, the "slow" Queen Li Jing by way of speaking in a leisurely manner amused three observers, the semi-finals, Li Jing again "serial robbery", in the face of the current crisis, how she is looking forward to "slow to win". Vicenza, October 1st Zhejiang TV comedy show "Nemo" second stage opener, Sha Yi Hu He, husband and wife jointly love to laugh three brothers, Du Chun Zhang Xiaofei, Ma Su OD and Guo Qilin, in the pan, a new combination of laughter unabated. Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" tonight is the last program, ending in the two quarter of the program moved over, the elder Sheenah expressed great sadness. She said the last stop in Xinjiang, Carina Lau gave each guest a gift, a gift to myself in a small card, the card to write a lot of words, the last sentence is "you remember to take care of herself." so she suddenly tears ran. During the search for national day, Lu Yi led by Zhao Liying, the legendary Anti Japanese drama "rouge" in the East TV hit, the audience will follow the protagonist in the blue Rouge war in the growth, some soul stirring feeling of the story of the war. At the same time, the theme of war drama "forging the sword" in October 1st eight sets of CCTV prime time theater premiere. The play by Pu Bajia, Xu Seng, Zheng Yitong, peak, starring Hao Rongguang. Since the beginning of the planning material producer Zeng Hui, he tries to jump out of Japanese oratorio, ray long相关的主题文章: