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Experts interpret the cadres to prevent sick promoted Views: seize the key responsibility – Beijing, the original title: catch a bid effort in peacetime the whole process control – expert interpretation "on the cadres to prevent sick promoted" opinions "on 30 August, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Zhu Ji, Chai Sun Tiexiang) what people choose, what people about the development of the party’s cause, responsibility weightier than Mount Tai. Recently, the central government issued "on the cadres to prevent sick promoted" opinions ", in order to solve the problem of selecting and appointing cadres to work in the" sick promoted out of "prescription"". Experts pointed out that, in the recent national provinces and county leadership succession on the occasion of the general, the introduction of such a document is a comprehensive, strictly, strict management of cadres, an important measure to remedy selection by people to create a good unwholesome tendencies, will play a major political role. Weave dense system of network China Communist Party attaches great importance to the system construction to guarantee the selection and appointment of cadres, in selecting and appointing cadres, education and training of cadres, discipline, accountability, cadres and other aspects has promulgated a series of regulations, continue to weave dense weave of cadre selection and appointment system of network. Central Party School professor Xin Ming pointed out that the opinions issued, added a key ring in the selection and appointment of cadres, let the system network more closely, the system cage tied more tightly. Based on absorbing new experience of cadre and personnel system reform and new results, opinions were put forward 6 measures, respectively: the implementation of work responsibilities, deepen understanding, pay attention to daily analysis, strengthen the review and strengthen the former motion control, strict accountability. Xin Ming said, these 6 measures by adhering to the responsibility is to hold the line in front of the responsibility, to lay a solid understanding of daily, comprehensive analysis of two basic motion, to review, any checks before the two key is "the source of prevention" and "full control", the formation of the prevention mechanism of responsibility, clear and effective measures connect complete closed. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Marx’s Research Institute Xin Xiangyang believes that the cadres sick promoted serious harm, promoted the "sick" cadres on the one hand for the occurrence of corruption is buried under the soil, on the other hand, dampened the enthusiasm of the cadres. Opinions focus on how to solve the problem of cadres sick promoted, from several aspects put forward the countermeasures, problems with distinct orientation, release a very clear signal system. Who will be responsible for the responsibility of those who recommend the responsibility, who is responsible for the inspection. Is the responsibility of cadres to prevent sick promoted the bid. Opinions to implement the responsibility as the primary measures, clear party committees (party) on the selection and appointment of negative responsibility, Party committees (party) secretary is the first responsible person, organization and personnel departments and discipline inspection and supervision organs respectively assume direct responsibility and oversight responsibilities; Party committees (party) to the higher Party organizations submit recommendations to be promoted or further use the candidate, to its self-discipline concluding observations, Party committees (party) secretary of the Discipline Committee (Discipline Inspection Group) to sign the opinion. "For a long time, a lot of people think that the selection and appointment is a collective behavior.相关的主题文章: