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Exposure Guangdong Las for specific shoes: Achilles tendon injury prevention   strain; CBA shoes storm continues, following Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin to wear shoes match sponsor objection, Yi Jianlian also did not debut has been specified "shoes" by the Guangdong men’s basketball team represented, Yi because of Achilles tendon injury, need specific with shoes, otherwise prone to injury, this is also dedicated to the basketball association has submitted a joint application in non sponsors race shoes the written request, and to urge the association approved, whether Yi Jianlian will wear special shoes, has become the focus of attention of the outside world. Chinese association early in July this year, to CBA the club issued a notice requiring all participate in the CBA league domestic player must wear the League sponsors Lining brand basketball shoes competition in the first round in the morning before the meeting, representatives of the technology game to the team once again stressed this provision, no before the start of the temporary notice. CBA in the first round, Xinjiang center Zhou Qi missed the first, it is because Zhou Qi does not wear shoes League sponsors, playing time was affected, after the game, Zhou Qifa micro-blog said that if you do not wear shoes to sponsor to a technical foul, then was suspended. In addition, Wang Zhelin, another center of the men’s basketball team, said he was disappointed. Why do I have to replace the sponsor’s shoes to play? The Guangdong men’s basketball team recently to CBA league office CBA Las for wearing nonsponsors race shoes, Guangdong men’s basketball team in the application of 2016-17CBA said: "the new season has started, my club player Yi Jianlian because of Achilles tendon strain, with specific shoes, otherwise prone to injury. In order to give players a good performance, to better play the level of athletes, is now allowed to apply for the use of specific shoes Yi Jianlian (non sponsor designated race shoes). Please give the approval for hope. Hereby consult." Then the Guangdong men’s basketball team can apply to get a response, now also can make nothing of it, according to the plan, Yi Jianlian will debut in the regular season, the second round in late November 2nd at the Shenzhen men’s basketball game, and a wear what kind of shoes will become the focus of attention of the fans. (baozhizhu)相关的主题文章: