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F -10 female pilots sacrifice country only 4 female pilots to drive the three generation fighter – Beijing Yu Xu is China’s first to drive the three generation jetfighters -10 female pilots for the air force China administrative micro-blog November 12th morning, -10 female fighter pilot Yu Xu, the accident occurred in the flight training, unfortunately sacrifice. Yu Xu is the first female fighter -10 pilot, captain of the air force aerobatic team in 81. In the Bayi aerobatic team, Yu Xu’s name is "Peacock", the only 4 machines with performing flight qualified female pilots, Yu Xu is one of them. Last night, the air force for more than Asahi produced a commemorative video, mourning memorial. Yu Xu crash on the morning of 12, Yutian, Wuqing air flight training is being carried out in the area of Tianjin, the plane suddenly appeared dangerous, the plane crashed in the territory of Hebei province. The scene of the crash, a witness told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, about 9:45 in the morning, "saw a plane flying from west to East into the territory of Yutian County, when the flying height is very low, but also more and more low." Witnesses said the plane crashed in Tangshan City County of Yutian Chen Jia Pu Zhen Da Yangpu cun. More than witnessed the villagers said that before the crash had seen a pilot parachuting, parachuting is a male pilot, the pilot was rescued, was sent to the Yutian county hospital for treatment". Several witnesses of BYD reporters confirmed, in addition to the male pilots were rescued, the scene and the other pilots, but have to sacrifice. Afterwards, the air force official confirmed the sacrifice of the pilot is Yu Xu. Yu Xu is the only one of the four pilots who can fly the three generation fighter. Public information, Yu Xu was born in 1986 in Sichuan, Chongzhou, enlisted in the army in September 2005, the air force two pilots, the current Air Force squadron commander in chief. In October 1, 2009, Yu Xu participated in the 60 anniversary of the People’s Republic of China National Day parade, as three squadron two echelon -8 right wing. In July 29, 2012, becoming the first master Chinese self-developed three generation fighter solo female pilots. Yu Xu left army in 2005; in 2009 to become a pilot in the air force, to participate in the 60 anniversary of National Day parade; in 2012 to become the first female fighter -10 pilot, to 2015 to participate in the 70 anniversary of the victory parade, Yu Xu had had too much experience. But in college classmate Wang Qi (a pseudonym) impression, the impression that Yu Xu is always "lively" and "love" chuanmeizi. Wang Qi clearly remember, 11 years ago, Air Force Aviation University of the Mid Autumn Festival party, Yu Xu’s a peacock dance amazing audience. Since then, Yu Xu began to be called "golden peacock". This is the "Peacock" flying career in eighth years. Yu Xu became a pilot was an accident, she inadvertently see a posted on the bulletin board of the "Cadet" announcement, hold "try" attitude to participate in the test. But to be a pilot, Yu Xu had no regrets. 12 at 11:30 in the evening, the air force released a section of Yu Xuqi on micro-blog相关的主题文章: