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"Families with children" cast a sequel   Zhang Yishan Yang Zi – the media – people.com.cn to fit the original title: Zhang Yishan Yang Zinan fit 12 years ago "families with children" hot screen. With the "Ode to joy", "Yu sin" hit, Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan fame 12 years ago as a "family with children" has become a popular series of nostalgia. Recently, the reporter learned that the "family with children" produced by Li Hong in the original class people will create a "family with children early maturity", directed by Yalin Gao, starring Zhang Yishan, Boscage, "mouse" and "keyboard" have been returned, but Yang Zi and Song Dandan are still pending. In the original cast, the most concern is naturally Yang Zi Zhang Yishan on this sister could fit? Li Hong said, "Zhang Yishan is set to join Yang Zi, because of the brokerage company as early as six months ago she was scheduled for a series of movies and teleplays, so the schedule will be affected. But they will come home and have a look." As for the plot and the "family with children" relationship, Li Hong explained that not only is the sequel to the concept of "inheritance, such as drama, will still continue the reorganization of the family setting. But the story and characters are completely different, "families with children" is a combination of the family, three children; "families with children early maturity" is the two combined family, four children, is the protagonist of Jiangnan and Jiangbei, two twenties young people, they speak their message. Entrepreneurship, their life." So, Li Hong does not agree with the sequel, said, in fact, it is really not a sequel. "Home with children" is not able to bear today, "the first generation of children at home," the children’s dream. Once the children are now grown up, can take charge of the family, to carry on the family and society in the dual responsibility." In addition to the reunion starring paycheck problem, the media are most concerned about and popularity soared after Zhang Yishan, Li Hong did not respond positively, "Zhang Yishan is a very talented young actor, has the power, if according to the age, he is definitely called ‘little meat’, but I don’t think he is" a little meat "because of his acting talent and completely affordable" actors "this occupation. Zhang Yishan’s salary is absolutely in line with the current market value of he, this drama can be said is currently the highest cost of production of a sitcom." (reporter Feng Xia) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: