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Fan Xin man disclosed "mobile phone door" rage against the "Zhuojian" rumors by Sohu Zhang Jizhong entertainment fan Xin man (information)   Sohu (all star entertainment news on photo) yesterday Zhang Jizhong door fan Xin man forced divorce, clashes between the two countries, Fan Xinman mobile phone was robbed, the police could also be of no avail, two people in a bridge stalemate for a long time, finally they both went to the hospital…… "Then Zhang Jizhong ZhuoGan in bed", "pepper spray" and other rumors in this regard, the all star as one falls, another rises, the exclusive interview with fan Xin man, fan Xin man one responded to these rumors. One thing caught yesterday Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin man It is sheer fiction. disputes much more popular is raise a Babel of criticism of the Internet, various versions of the reasons for disputes. For Zhang Jizhong was traced to fan Xin man and crashed through the stranger in bed before the smashed home, fan Xin man said that "stranger" is his brother, she specifically requested him to protect their personal safety. Fan Xinman said, their usual home on their own and aunt, Zhang Jizhong took the last until around nearly two leave camera was smashed, fan Xin man think home is not safe. Fan Xin tendril also revealed before received a lot of voice threat, the threat of e-mail, she was afraid to find a relative at home is very normal, things are distorted so she is also very strange. Including before the media reported that he lived together with Xiao Gang Zhang Jizhong anger, let her feel puzzled. Fan Xinman said: "these news sources if there should be evidence, is who I’m, where together, at home or in the home by Xiao Xiao, guide home assistant aunt with a camera, my family also has aunt family, check can give you my family phone, I with my brother, what is the situation at home is not so dirty they say." Spray is a spray anti wolf Fan Xinman said they did not divorce, Zhang Jizhong is right to go home, and Zhang Jizhong’s brother is over here, zamen is Zhang Jizhong’s brother, he took the pot smashed home tempered glass, but also when the police face fan Xin man brother face, fan Xin man said the police have video yesterday, her brother went to the hospital to check the result is a slight concussion. Fan Xinman said the content was recorded on a mobile phone on her mobile phone so that robbed, this does not have any relationship with her brother. There are media reports said fan Xin man toward Zhang Jizhong sprayed pepper, fan Xin man said he is spray anti wolf sprays, will not cause harm to others, only in their own threat to protect yourself when things. Zhang Jizhong, fan Xin man door pull   through negotiations have been going back to the mobile phone is reported that Xiao Qi Zhang Jizhong will bring people blocking the road, fan Xin man said Zhang Jizhong stopped himself, Xiao Qi later rushed over, when he called Xiao Qi she and Zhang Jizhong had been in the river, including other people is to come in the back. Yesterday, Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin man for a long time to negotiate in the river because Zhang Jizhong refused to mobile phone, mobile phone and evidence, but the police have no way to take any means, the police did not return to the mobile phone, so she can only be a stalemate with Zhang Jizhong. Fan相关的主题文章: