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Home-and-Family There are times in life when dads have it hard. Life is never a bowl of cherries for any of us, but dads always seem to carry the world on their shoulders. Whilst mums are forever praised for their love and dedication, dads are there trailing somewhere not far behind, usually carrying the shopping bags. They’re the ones who pick up the pieces when everything falls apart, and with their drills and hammers in hand, they’re the ones that do all the DIY. They fix the roof, they mow the lawns, they make up the flat-pack furniture. Is there anything they can’t do? It’s no surprise really that they have a whinge now and again and claim to be hard done-by. If you have a dad that fits this description, you’ll agree that an expression of your heartfelt thanks is well overdue. If your dad has been a bit down lately, there may well be good reason for it, and it’s time to think about how you can give him a well deserved lift. So why not offer your dad a bit of the limelight with special Father’s Day gifts that will lift his spirits and let him know how much you care? Lifting Dad From The Doldrums Exclusively for dad, there’s a range of personalised celebration drinks that make fantastic Father’s Day gifts for the man who needs a lift. So pop the cork for him on the finest bottle of personalised champagne, a blend of Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay, with his name and your own Father’s Day message on the label. It .es in its own stylish presentation box so you can guarantee he’ll feel that he’s getting something extra special. Or if he’s a whisky drinker, he’ll love the personalised top quality 12 year old Lowland Malt Whisky, beautifully presented in its own luxury wooden case which he can keep under lock and key until the time is right to celebrate! As Father’s Day gifts go, there’s no better way of making him feel pampered. Lift Him With Your Love Of course there are other ways of lifting him, and one very important way is by showing him your love and affection and telling him how much his love has meant to you over the years. There are Father’s Day gifts that do just that and more, such as the ‘Dear Dad – from me to you’ book. You can bet that this beautiful journal will be.e a family treasure to keep for generations, as it gives your dad the opportunity to record his most heartfelt emotions and his happiest memories about being your dad. Rarely do you find Father’s Day gifts that give you the chance to celebrate fatherhood in such a special way, by exploring your relationships and finding things out about each other that you never knew before. Lift Him With Special Words We don’t often say those special words that tell our dads how special they are to us. The great thing is that every year we can let Father’s Day gifts say it for us. Personalised mugs, photo frames and engraved glass plaques make super Father’s Day gifts as they are not only practical and look great in the home, but they .municate exactly what you want to say. So why not touch his heart this year with a mug with the words ‘Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy’. As for photo frames, he’ll certainly need a special photo of you both together to put inside the ‘Me and my daddy’ frame before he displays it with pride. The range of engraved glass plaques are beautiful and look fantastic as they catch the light with their bright Summery colours. The ‘I love you dad’, ‘Dad you’re a star’ and ‘Great dad’ polished glass paperweights make lasting keepsakes with real meaning. Lift Him Up Into The Skies! Of course there is always the classic way of lifting your dad, which in layman’s terms means whisking him off into the skies! You’ll be spoilt for choice with a range of experience Father’s Day gifts that give your dad the chance to feel the freedom of the heavens. You’ll probably find that if you ask your dad subtly, he’s always had fantasies of flying his own aircraft and probably wanted to be a pilot when he was a young boy. Those dreams never go away and now’s your chance to fulfill them for him. So whether it be a flying lesson experience day, a tandem skydiving experience, microlighting, a balloon flight or simply indoor skydiving, he’ll be lifted off the ground in style and the experience will certainly lift his spirits! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: