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First treatment and then help, after the hardest hit P2P you dare to cast it? – Sohu technology strong inclusiveness and innovation of the Internet, giving a lot of new things to grow space. The universal characteristics and spread quickly, also let everything like is put under the microscope and microscope, almost invisible. As a result, new things can easily be "deification" or "demonized". Internet banking, for example, at the time of its birth is praised the innovative things, and with the advent of the P2P campus net loan, loans and other Internet financial model, began wandering. Along with the arrival of the volume of money and run away, illegal fund-raising, public hard-earned money down the drain and other serious incidents occur frequently, seriously disrupt the normal social and financial order. To this end, the government has also encouraged from the previous governance, regulation. In the P2P as the representative of the Internet Financial tide gradually subsided, the government has begun to support. Such a rapid conversion, people unprepared. So the question is, after the disaster of Internet banking, P2P, do you still dare to invest? From disorder to Governance: Internet banking began to "retrieving" "Internet banking" for three consecutive years has been written into the "government work report", and the key cover are different every year, from 2014, 2015 to "promote" to "regulate the development of". At the beginning of the birth of the Internet finance, as a new thing, regulators did not follow the pace of development. The benefits of the rapid expansion of Internet banking is natural, P2P net loan, campus loans and other barbaric growth trend, and quickly became a part of the public financial life, but the downside is that it naturally brings a variety of problems. In addition to the introduction mentioned in the run away, such as illegal fund-raising, campus "naked loan" rampant, college students have a huge loan from negative events such as the Internet financial collapse adds the final straw. In order to ensure the normal social and financial order, the government has introduced relevant policies to Internet banking, P2P net loan and other governance and regulation. For example, in July last year, the people’s Bank and other ten departments issued a "guidance" to promote the healthy development of Internet banking, in accordance with the "overall to encourage innovation, risk prevention, while avoiding disadvantages, the healthy development of the Internet financial requirements, will be completely included in the scope of regulation. This year, the CBRC, the Ministry of public security, network information office, four ministries jointly issued the "Interim Measures" business activity management network net loan information intermediaries, let P2P platform have no place to hide the fish in troubled waters. From governance to support the release of Internet Financial ushered in new opportunities for government action, to a great extent, regulate the order of Internet financial industry, P2P. But it also suppressed their rapid development, so that the industry has a pessimistic mood. Soon, however, the government was aware of this. As an integral part of the transformation and upgrading of the financial sector, the importance of Internet banking is no doubt, as long as it is maintained within a reasonable range of development, must be given support. In September 18th the State Council issued the "Beijing National Science and technology innovation center to strengthen the overall program," clearly put forward "accelerate the construction of national science and technology innovation center",相关的主题文章: