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Focus on "national disability prevention action plan (2016 – 2020)" five aspect — Health Channel – original title: focus on "national disability prevention action plan (2016 – 2020)" five major birth defects, chronic disease ridden, accidental injury, mental disease, slow…… From birth to old age, each stage of our life is faced with some of the greatest risks that can lead to disability. How to nip in the bud, the risk of disability in the bud? The national disability prevention action plan (2016 – 2020) provides us with an answer. [one point: effective control of birth defects and developmental disabilities []] disability action plan pre pregnancy health examination rate of more than 80%. Pregnant women should be tested for at least 1 birth defects at least 28 weeks prior to pregnancy. The prenatal screening rate was above 60%. Universal screening of neonatal diseases, and gradually expand the disease screening diseases and scope. To carry out a wide range of neonatal visits, nutrition and feeding guidance, growth monitoring, health counseling and guidance, the establishment of newborns and children’s disability and birth defect screening, diagnosis and intervention mechanism of integration, improve the screening coverage and referral rate, follow-up rate, intervention rate. Zhu Jun, director of the national office for the monitoring of maternal and child health, the purpose of screening is to detect visual, auditory, intellectual disability may be disease, so as soon as possible intervention, treatment and rehabilitation. To mobilize the whole society, especially the birth family, especially mothers know that the child should be born to take the initiative to accept neonatal screening, to ensure that the risk of each child can be detected. After detection, more important is the intervention. Screening is not a waste of social and medical resources, did not meet the real purpose of screening. Screening of the disease must intervene as soon as possible, rehabilitation, for newborns, the sooner the intervention, the better the treatment and rehabilitation. [two things: to strengthen the prevention and control of chronic diseases] [] action plan to carry out Fitness Lifestyle action, promote the scientific diet, fitness, smoking and alcohol. Advocate regular health examination. To cause deafness, blindness disease early diagnosis and intervention. Standardized management rate of more than 60% patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus; million cataract surgery rate reached more than 2000. Wang Linhong, director of the center for Disease Control and prevention of chronic diseases in China, the incidence of chronic diseases involving people in all stages of life, but the older stages of the problem is greater. Chronic diseases and their complications, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, bone and joint diseases and cataracts. However, if chronic disease prevention and control to the stage of the disease is too late, the action plan put forward prevention and control measures to focus on the prevention of early links, which is very important. Social environment, air pollution and unreasonable diet, smoking, drinking, lack of physical activity and other unhealthy lifestyles are important factors affecting the incidence of chronic diseases. [three things: to reduce the harm of disability to promote the use of child safety seat] [] focus on the action plan to be pregnant couple, pregnant women in labor protection, avoid contact with toxic and harmful substances, reduce the occupation)相关的主题文章: