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Foreign media: China Cambodia relations "at the highest level in history" – Beijing Chinese daily on 13 October, October 13th, China President Xi Jinping arrived in Phnom Penh, began a two day state visit to Kampuchea. Foreign media commented that Kampuchea is Chinese "loyal friend", Xi Jinping visited Kampuchea warmly welcomed by politicians and ordinary people, is expected to Cambodia will sign a number of economic agreements. According to the "Kampuchea daily" reported 13, the day before Xi Jinping’s visit to Kampuchea, Ambassador to Kampuchea Chinese bear wave and the speaker of the national assembly of Kampuchea Heng Samrin (HengSamrin) held talks, said two people between Chinese and Kampuchea is at the highest level in history, with the advance of time, the continuous deepening of bilateral relations. "The leaders of the two countries to establish bilateral relations," the report quoted the Heng Samrin cabinet executive Chopis (Keo Piseth) as saying, "(the relationship between China and Kampuchea) reached us unprecedented height." He also said that the Chinese ambassador to Kampuchea Heng Samrin hope to keep closer cooperation with the Kampuchea authorities to make every effort to ensure that the two countries reached a common goal of success. "Kampuchea daily" pointed out that this is the first visit to China as president of Kampuchea, Xi Jinping, in order to give him a good impression, the streets of Phnom Penh hang the Chinese flag and welcome banners. In addition, Kampuchea has arranged about 7000 security forces responsible for security work. The British Reuters 13 journal article said that Kampuchea is Chinese "loyal friend", arrived at Phnom Penh International Airport at noon on the 13 day after Xi Jinping was warmly welcomed by the local people, "about 2000 students standing on both sides of the road, they held in the Cambodian leaders portrait, waving national flags, welcome the arrival of China leaders". The article points out that Xi Jinping in Kampuchea "Kampuchea light" newspaper published a signed article called Chinese and Kampuchea is "a good neighbor, a true friend in perfect sympathy with each other". Xi Jinping said that in recent years, Cambodia bilateral trade and investment to maintain strong growth momentum, 2015 Cambodia bilateral trade exceeded $4 billion 400 million. According to the Kampuchea Development Council statistics, in 2015 China’s investment in Kampuchea reached $864 million, total investment of $9 billion 100 million since 1994. Reuters said, "Chinese has become Kampuchea’s closest ally, met with the Prime Minister of Kampuchea Hong Sen Xi Jinping, will be signed 20 agreements, including a number of agreements to Kampuchea China exports of agricultural products. According to the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) 13 reported that Xi Jinping’s visit to Kampuchea, Cambodia’s stable relationship will be further strengthened". Kampuchea’s prime minister, Hong Sen, said that during his visit, the two countries signed agreements covering areas such as the economy, investment, agriculture and infrastructure, and so on. Reported that China is a key ally and economic partner of Kampuchea, over the past ten years to provide a large number of aid and investment in Kampuchea. The eve of the visit, Xi Jinping wrote: "(Cambodia) bilateral political mutual trust, economic win-win. China and)相关的主题文章: