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Foreign media comment: "Franz" – LGBT is still very easily – Entertainment Sohu French director Francois ozon brought new "Franz" property again show his iconic complex characters and subtle emotional banter ("Daily" screen source compilation head) versatile French director in Europe let audience surprise I’m afraid not to lose any ability, one of the authors of the director. However, this method adopts German bilingual dialogue, tells the story of a war story in black and white "Franz" tone to make people feel very serious "property", can be said to be the director of the history of one of the most "straight" works — whether the plot or sexual orientation. However, this new type of beyond the collage, full of emotion, easily set people thinking, once again demonstrated his iconic complex characters and subtle emotional banter.     the character of "Franz", such as a ghostly symbol, never appeared in the film from beginning to end. The film was inspired by Ernst – the work of 1932, "the broken Lullaby" by Lubitsch. The story happened in a post-war German town, the young Anna (Paula Baer) has just experienced fiance Franz died in the battlefield news. One day, a young French man Adrian (Pierre, interior) came to Franz grave flowers, and tells Anna that Franz’s relationship with his friends. Anna introduced Adrian to Franz’s parents, who at first to overcome the resistance of the emotions, embraced the young people from the former enemy. However, other people in the town are not so tolerant, the arrival of Adrian caused a great disturbance. However, the family does not understand the young people of all, and later when Anna went to France with him at the reunion (one of the most powerful passages of film), the truth surfaced…… In 2007, property was in "angels" to a "melodrama, but in contrast," Franz "to many dark and heavy. The film narrative capability, but slightly artificial. Although the intention is completely different, but the style is very reminiscent of Mike Haneke’s "White Ribbon", an estimated two film art director from pioneer photographer Auguste Sander’s works. Shadow – German epic drama and film "Hometown" — the property of time reduction is in place. Pascale Martti – black and white photography (sometimes snaked into the color mode) refined, concise, art direction and costume department performance is wonderful. Property is exquisite, unique vision, the cast is fully reflected by: Baer will be a move from recovery to the future, to regain the hope women behaved most incisive, she plays Anna with the plot, becoming more and more powerful, exquisite performance there is a mystery like texture, its weight let emotion people think of Marx – Ophir J (seems to be another master’s property) those heroines under the lens. While playing the actor Adrian who is the director of niney out of the ordinary style, his gentle, even some feminine attitude may not like the general director will choose.相关的主题文章: