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Foreign media comment "nocturnal animal": beautiful picture in depth analysis of marriage – Sohu entertainment director Tom Ford in the "nocturnal animal crime and psychological suspense", "integrated" nocturnal animal all creative debut press conference [] (click to enter the HD photo source "Hollywood reporter" compiled the first seven years ago with his directorial debut) "a single man" blockbuster Master fashion Tom Ford, in the new "nocturnal animal" in crime and psychological suspense integration, presents a fascinating set of David Lynch, Hitchcock and Douglas – plug grams as one of the film noir. The film will be the three time lines intersect, including at the reality Black fiction content again show the double ability of Ford visual and narrative, he proved both the characters or the color and composition, are discerning. The film is adapted from the 1993 American novel, Toni and Susan, from a novel in the novel. And the word is also the story of the hero, the new writer Edward (Jack – decorated with) used to describe the suffering of his troubled ex-wife, troubled by the ex-wife of the (- – – – – – – – – – -) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. Apart from the ordinary people to make choices in life, and their influence on the people around, the novel will also describe reading become a very intimate behavior — that people read another person’s thoughts, feelings and experiences through. The film directed by "" nocturnal animal into a film about the movie movie with a subtle way to copy the deep theme similar with the original. The film’s first scene is impressive: with the music sounded, a scantily clad, burly funny dancers in a red curtain before the dance. If you think that "a single man" in looking ahead a perfect figure, beautiful clothes in Losangeles in 60s that the lack of real, may put this scene as a director of a thorough self subversion. The device works garish picture is actually from the creation of Susan, she was abandoned to the pursuit of creation, art exhibition industry management. She is handsome and passionate second husband Walker (Amie hammer ornaments) is in its political broker career trough. The cause of the success of the couple lived in a cold, reinforced by stone and glass built villa, Losangeles bright night this glance. Adams will her fragile temperament hidden into Susan’s glamorous appearance, she is like the world the same maintained almost flawless camouflage. However, her life is not happy, this is the other side of the suffering upper class cannot understand. From a manuscript that has been cut off for nearly 20 years, Edward, a former husband, gave a more severe blow to the lonely heart of Mr. Susan. Thrilling depicting the manuscript of the plot in her mind: Toni (Gyllenhaal) and his wife Lara (Ella Fischer) with the adolescent daughter Yindiya holiday spoiled. In a scene in the film the most intense, a family of three cars in the way of Western Dezhou a no human habitation Road, by another car driving force under several oafs cliff, the leader character named ray (Aaron – Taylor – John.相关的主题文章: