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Mobile-Cell-Phone About downloading media on Cricket Phones There are a number of ways to download Cricket phone ringtones and wallpapers onto Cricket mobile phones without having to pay for them. The easiest way would be to join one of those free mobile ring tone and wallpaper websites that you have to give your phone number to in order to join. For the phones that .e with a small memory card slot, the most .mon method for downloading media onto your Cricket phone would be to use the internal memory card transfer method. The easiest way to add more wallpapers and ring tones to your Cricket phone for free is simply downloading them from the Internet. Just about all phones from Cricket .munications are web-capable which means that you can browse the Internet. The secret is finding the home location of mp3 files or JPEG files that are on the Internet. On most Cricket phones, all you have to do is navigate to the home location of the ring tone or wallpaper to start the download process on your phone. Cricket phone wallpaper downloads Finding and downloading free wallpapers from your Cricket mobile phone phone can take time, especially when it .es to finding the ones you really want. On many mobile websites, you will only see text links for wallpapers which means that you’ll have to log-off your mobile Inter. connection to view any wallpapers and images you download. There are certain file types that you can download and use as wallpapers on Cricket phones. On most Cricket phones, the wallpaper you are attempting to download must be a JPEG image file. If you do attempt to download an unsupported file type onto your phone, you will get an error message saying that the file type is not supported. Cricket phone ring tone downloads There are a handful of different ways for obtaining free ring tones for your Cricket phone, but if you don’t want to give out your telephone number to one of those ring tone mobile websites, you can always find the original ring tone file on the Inter. and download it directly to your phone. Any of the ring tones you find online can also be used as text message alert sounds. Every phone is different so results may vary on what ring tones you’re able to download. As far as the types of files you can download and use as ring tones go, most Cricket phones are able to download mp3 files and that is all. Before attempting to download any mp3 file to use as a ring tone, check the file size because Cricket will only let you download ring tone files up to 2mb is size. If you try to download anything bigger than that you will receive an error message telling you that the ring tone is too big to download. Finding media optimized for Cricket mobile phones Since there are so many different ring tones and wallpapers out there for you to use for free on Cricket phones, you’ll probably want to download them all. Just remember that some wallpapers are made for mobile phones which means the file sizes are optimized for mobile devices. Finding those types of files can make the difference of you having handfuls of media files on your Cricket phone or hundreds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: