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Fuxin cracked heavy organization illegal work case involving more than 100 Jiangsu found 23 Burmese immigration workers were successfully repatriated Fuxin City Public Security Bureau exit Entry Administration Bureau and the Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous Fumeng County Public Security Bureau joint investigation of the "8· 26" serious case of organizing others to illegally crossing the border, after 8 months of careful investigation announced cracked, arresting 9 suspects, including 6 suspects have been prosecutors approved the arrest, destroyed black intermediary 5, involving more than 100 yuan. According to the task force police, the case involved a number of provinces and cities nationwide more than a thousand people, only the Fuxin area there are nearly 170 people have been transported to the Russian workers organization. Not only that, the criminals from the organization to recruit migrant workers, to transfer them into Russia, and eventually into the farm work, has formed a gray interest chain. With "gold" dream to Russia to work one day in early November 2014, Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous Fumeng County resident of a town Liu heard from a friend that, in a labor service company is recruiting workers to go to Russia to work, well paid. So hurry to tell the good news next door neighbours, soon many of the villagers gathered in Liu family, and Liu went to the city a services company consulting related matters. Manager Wang Moumou promised each company’s services after going abroad to protect the wages of 5000 yuan, for greenhouse cultivation of vegetables, work every day for 8 to 13 hours. But everyone has to pay 6300 yuan intermediary fee. As a result, there have been more than 20 villagers to pay a fee of 6300 yuan per person to the king. After the name, the workers also submitted a copy of the passport, identity card and 2 inch photos as a visa to go to russia. Subsequently, the manager of the company and labor Wang workers to apply for a visa formalities, arrange their own car to Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, a song Moumou man, and in the song Moumou company signed a contract with the employer, then they will be divided by the song Moumou batches delivered to the Russian workers. Just as the workers came to Russia with great joy and ready to start their "gold rush", they found that their working hours and labor intensity were not in accordance with the contract, and that they could not get paid. If you want to return home in advance must pay 5000 yuan to $30000 from the Russian employer high compensation. This, the workers are silly eye, then they realized that fooled. In desperation, these migrant workers in order to return only to pay compensation. After the migrant workers who return to Fu, reported to the police at once. The gray interests of the chain is opened project group of 25 workers have been judged, obtaining the identity information, passport information, immigration records, a returnee from 20 comb. At the same time, investigators have more in-depth Fumeng Township on returning workers have been visited by the survey, collecting valuable clues. In addition, according to the migrant workers held a passport visa, the task force through the relevant departments to verify the identification, 25 workers in the visa of the 20 are a year of Russian business visa. According to the provisions of the Russian consulate in Shenyang, business visas are not allowed to work in Russia, thus, the lock of these workers相关的主题文章: