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Grew up playing games for students to create "game Huake home" map: Van ran in the old eyes, playing computer games is a waste of youth, work behavior. However, with the rapid development of electronic game industry in recent years, people have a new understanding of the industry, "play into the Olympic champion" is not Arabian Nights. E-sports is applying for entry into the Olympic Games, is expected to debut in the 2020 Olympic Games in russia. The Huazhong University of Science and Technology graduate fan ran, not only to play online games put up a network platform, the line also set up a club. Dream: the development of APP gaming platform is a fan ran senior e-sports game player, love video games. "Unlike many families, my father supported me when I was young." Fan ran told reporters that he is with World of Warcraft, Warcraft, knife tower, the hero League game with the growth of. It is because of the unique feelings of electronic games, fan ran during the university has a dream: to do a platform to create a home game." With this dream, the end of 2013, van ran in two years of product manager has resigned from the work, together with two like-minded students, founder of the Wuhan Dejia Liven Network Technology Co. ltd.. For many players, it is difficult to find a suitable teammate in the game, this demand has a large market space." To see this, fan ran decided to start from the game team search class platform, the development of the corresponding APP and website. Through 5 months of painstaking research and development, they successfully developed the first domestic game team search system, fan ran to his pet cat’s name for the APP named soft biscuits. However, the product developed, but the reality gave van ran a slap in the face. I think everything is too simple, and that the use of APP as long as the line, you can not develop the promotion." Fan ran said, because there is no entrepreneurial experience, pre research and development products will cost a lot of money, the product line and not enough funds to promote the results of only less than 50 thousand of users download. Lack of funds, the future is slim, is to continue to adhere to or stop in time? This is a difficult problem in front of the fans and fans. In the end, the fan ran two partners chose to quit, leaving only a fan ran. I am not willing to give up so much, not willing to pay so long effort in vain." Fan ran said, that time for him is full of darkness, unwilling to admit defeat but can not find a breakthrough, the reality of the blow to make him sleepless all night. Breakthrough: the line service game player in fan club ran for shilly-shally immediate difficulties, even ready to give up the business when his father’s words let him as if wakening from a dream. The father said to him: "pure virtual economy is very difficult, not to focus on the line, do gaming experience store." "In this difficult time, I was moved by his father’s support." In August 2015, under the support of the father, he created a soft biscuit Gaming Club in Jiefang Road Xi Cheng Hao own a house in the community. The club area of nearly 150 square meters, with 10 machine gaming area, all of the configuration of Filco keyboard, mouse, Logitech Razer gaming chair.相关的主题文章: