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Insurance Insurance helps to cover the risk against unprecedented situation and good health is an important factor that helps to lead a smooth life. Now what does the group health insurance stands for? Basically it works to cover the stress of the company whose staff members fall ill together. This insurance enables the companies to provide speedy recovery to its high and dry ill staff members and offers a peace of mind. The features of insurance depend upon the level of recovery and the type of plan you choose from the insurance company. To avail this insurance employer needs to contribute at least 25% on payments and the rest 60%-75% payments have to be bear by the employees cover under such policies. Most plans provide speedy treatment facilities as well as cover the income for that specific time. Such plans come with several exclusion also which includes; cosmetic treatments, chronic health conditions/permanent illness or routine dental treatments etc. Some extra features also cover under group health insurance and to avail them you only have to pay little more on your premiums. These include Psychiatric, Specialist, Dental and optical cover. These can provide an extra peace and protection for all group members. It is valuable to add them into your insurance plan. It is essential to know whether such insurance provides you the required level of satisfaction or not. Therefore get familiar with all the rules and regulations of the plan before availing it. Policies are always different on both premiums and features part and claims procedures also depend on the plan. Due to high competition many insurance companies provide free extra cover. However it also depends on the level of policy. Talk to the insurers in this regard, it might prove beneficial and provide a wide range against risk About the Author: 相关的主题文章: